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asacol and lymphoma?

Is asacol a TNF blocker? I have been on asacol since I was 25- in 1985- for ulcerative colitis, Though. my colitis was in remission, my doc said to stay on it. And when I would try to get off of it, I would get cramps. So, I stayed on it, Well now, flash forward to to 2002 when I was diagnosed with marginal B zone splenic lymphoma. A disease common with 70 year olds, and there I was only 42. I wondering if there is a connection.

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I do not believe it is a TNF blocker. I have never heard of it being connected to lymphoma.
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Asacol is not a TNF blocker. I wish it was. A TNF blocker without a shot would be nice.
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Hi Melinda and welcome.

Sorry to hear about your lymphoma dx. I hope you are able to treat it successfully.

Hope your Crohn's is under control now, too.

- Amy
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Hi Melinda and welcome. No, Asocal is not a TNF blocker. It is an anti-inflammatory. I am on Lialda, which is very similar, and my doctor considers it a "benign" treatment with little side effects. So, I don't think there is a connection. I am so sorry about your diagnosis, and I wish you luck with your treatment. Hang in there!!

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