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Mouth ulcers

My daughter was diagnosed with crohn's disease last year and often gets mouth ulcers is there anything I can do to help keep these away?
she is 5 and a half.
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oh and also is there any literature on crohn's disease aimed at younger children?
she was diagnosed with arthritis at around the same time and she was given an information booklet which she has enjoyed looking trough, I think it helped her to understand. but everything for crohn's seems to be aimed at older children like teens
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My dentist gave me some mouth wash stuff, forgot the name of it...but it nummed up the pain from the ulcers. It doesnt taste to well though:/ she is so young with Crohns. Good luck and tell her to hang in there and stay positive I dont have any help on the books though, everything I have read is even hard for me to understand at times.
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HI and welcome!

Canker sores are a horrible side symtom of Crohn's! Have her stay away from soy products and beans. You can try giving her an L Lysine supplement (google it for more info) as well as topical anesthetics like Ambesol for the pain.

Good luck! How is she doing otherwise? If you haven't already found the thread for Parents of Kids with IBD, you'll find lots of great advice and info, and super nice people over there.

- Amy
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Hi eanair,

I have posted on your thread in the parent's forum.

Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.
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I have been using bonjella which is probably something like ambesol and her doctor said if they don't start clearing up soon he will prescribe a mouthwash but suggestions are always welcome
I don't suppose there is a way to help stop her getting them

yes I found the parents forum, its nice to know she is not the only one
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I get the same mouth ulcers, and they are horrible. The only treatment I have been offered was something they called "magic mouthwash". It's basically a mouthwash made with topical anesthetic for oral pain. Personally, I hated it. I don't like my mouth being numb, and that's all it does. It doesn't work for very long, either. My preferred methods of treatment are diluted listerine or salt water rise. For me they too only offer temporary relief, but it's better than nothing, and won't make you feel like your dentist just shot you full of Novocaine. I was never told how to prevent them, or if they even know how to.

I wish I could offer more advice. I know how miserable she must be right now.
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Hey the ulcers are an effect of crohns sadly but if your daughter is on meds it may be worth just checking the side effects as i was initially on asacol but my mouth started getting ulcers and my tongue was sore etc, phoned my nurse who said i was probs having an allergic reaction from it, i was then changed to sulphasalazine & my mouth is fine now, so may be worth just checking that one out!

Good luck to you & your daughter i hope shes feeling better soon x
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