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colonoscopy results

Went through with the colonoscopy today. As promised, the prep part was pretty awful, but still not as bad as the stomach flu I had a few months ago! The doctor told me I have some "mucosal erythema and erosion" of my terminal ileum. He took a biopsy but said that by and large, it didn't look too bad. He wasn't sure whether it was crohns or not... or if its what's causing my RLQ pain or not. As for the massive bleeding I get every few months, he said he didn't see any hemmroids or anything else that could explain it. He also didn't see any cancer, but being 25 with no family history of colon cancer, I wasn't really expecting that. My pain is actually worse right now... not sure if that's from the biopsy or just from the overall experience. I guess that also helps me know that its probably not my back referring the pain to my RLQ. If it was just a pinched nerve, the colonoscopy shouldn't have made it any worse, right? Anyhow, after putting it off for 5 years, it really wasn't that bad an experience. Thanks to all who have given advice and offered assistance. Whether I have crohn's or not (I guess I'll have a better idea after the biopsy), this has been a very helpful forum. Much better than all the medical literature on it.
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so your gastro doc did manage to get a look inside your SI. only thing i can think of is you are cramping from something other than inflammation which could possibly be diet related. do you eat or drink alot of dairy, chocolate, caffeine, peanuts (any nuts)? i know i have a terrible time with anything dairy causing major cramps in my RLQ. maybe you are lactose intolerant?
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Ask if there is any possibility of diverticulitis. After an acceptable amount of time, go to where you had the procedure and ask to get the report. Read the report itself AND talk to the GI doc about it. One learns a lot by reading the actual reports.

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