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I was diagnosed with Crohn's in Jan 2011 and it has been a bumpy road, but I am finally feeling a little more myself lately. I am tapering off my prednisone and I am on Imuran, which seems to be working. However, I have developed a fistula, with a hole in my butt cheek and they do not know what it is attached to. I had an MRI yesterday and will find out the results in two weeks. Most of you talk about the pain that comes with the fistula, but the only real pain for me if the opening in the skin and sitting on the area or my clothes rubbing on it. However, it does discharge small amounts of stool, and getting less and less everyday. Has anyone had one attached to their rectum and not provided much pain and is there a chance that it will close up on its own? I am also on Cipro and Flagyl until the fistula is sorted out.
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Hi Brenda,

A fistula itself does not usually cause too much pain (IMO). However, it can develop an abscess and they can be very painful. If you have an open fistula tract, an abscess can form as an offshoot. Cipro and Flagyl are good for keeping them from forming. I have heard of instances where they close on their own. Remicade is known to be very good at helping fistulas close. Best of luck to you!
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Thanks for the info Cookie. I did have an abscess that was very painful, but once it started to discharge and left the opening in my skin the pain eased up. I get small abscesses beside the opening, but nothing too painful. Hopefully, it is a good sign.
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In most cases the insert seton, which is basically a rubber band that goes through the tract and tied on the outside.

I have a perianal fistula which is the same except lower down from the rectum, basically the anus. At first it's awkward, but after a week or so I forgot it was even there.

Good luck anyways.

(Just realised I don't think I'll ever get used to talking about bums, back passage and poo. lol)
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I have had several fistula issues and they never really hurt. Sometimes a bit uncomfortable, but never pain. None of mine have ever closed on their own. The first few closed on Remicade and I have also had setons placed. One seton didnt work and I am having a plug put in on Friday. Hopefully for you they will close on their own. Glad you are feeling better otherwise.

I also wanted to ask if 2 weeks for getting MRI results was standard? My experience with MRIs and fistulas is they get the results back in one or two days. Maybe you can ask them to hurry it up a bit, so you dont have to wait so long.

Good luck!
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Hi Beth,
I'm not sure how fast my GI will get the results around here, but I'm not too worried. I really trust him and he has been great right from when he diagnosed me in the hospital in Jan. Anytime I call his office with a problem, they fit me right in and he always has a plan of action when I first walk in. He never questions my concerns and is very thorough. I'm sure if he finds a problem with the MRI, he will call me in earlier. From a lot of the stories I've read about problems with specialists and doctors, I consider myself lucky to have the GI I do!

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