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Humor Me

I'm sitting here and POW all of a sudden my stomach growled like a bear. You know what growl I mean! The one that sounds like a huge fart on the inside..lol...I was just wondering if any of u have had that happen in a very embarrassing place... and the story that goes with it. It happens to me a lot and I just say "EEK I'm STARVING" But I know that's not it...lol
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Heh, Most of the people I know or hang around already know what it means.
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woah, ive had that before, what does it mean
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It always happens to me right after lunch at work. I have a small office and it seems like it only happens when it is really quiet. I feel like everyone can hear it so I'll shuffle some documents or pick up the phone and make a call.
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Yes, mine does it too. Either it is normal for everyone, or people like us. I always just say, "Oh, my stomach is digesting, and with my illness, it's quite a chore"
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