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Enterocutaneous Fistula

Has anyone here ever had a Enterocutaneous Fistula? If so, what did your doctor or surgeon do to treat it?
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Hi Abby,

I have/had one, found after an MRI scan. I had a two week course of Metronidazole and Augmentin and then i had an ultrasound where they drained any excess fluid from abcess. I havent seen my GI yet to discuss in detail but my ibd nurse emailed to say my recent scan showed no free fluids in the abdomen and he wants to discuss Infliximab with me.

From what ive read this is the best outcome, hopefully it will close up with this treatment. If the fistula penetrates the outer skin, its makes it harder to treat and resection is the only real option.

Im due to see my GI soon so ill keep you posted on what happens with mine.

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Infliximab 8 weekly
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Thank you so much!
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hey i think i have one had ct scans and the first one docs werent sure but 2nd one the said yea i did.. i ahve and intra abdominal abscess and the think they fistuala is coming from that as an abscess came to my outer skin on a scar from a lapascopy 3 months ago is this what you mean by penetrating the skin?

I'm on tazocein antibitioc and pred and pantasa,

how would you's describe your pain from the fistuala? one doc also mentioned that it could be a sinus tract from the abscess and not a fistuala?

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