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Has anyone here tried the low FODMAP diet? I talked to a dietician who specializes in people with Crohn's Disease and she mentioned it. I'm curious if it has helped anyone.
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Never heard of it, so I googled and it sounds interesting. Im gonna read more, but I do think it sounds good and worth a try.
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The low FODMAP is similar to Paleo or SCD, both of which cut out grains, particularly glutens, lactose, legumes and sugars and certain fruits and veggies (which seem to vary a bit, based on which diet it is).
But the main precepts of glutens, lactose and legumes seem to be commonalities.

There are a number of people here who do Paleo or SCD (myself included) and claim they've seen significant improvements so I guess I wouldn't be surprised to see similar response to low FODMAP.
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