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Advice what to do next?? Imuran does not seem to work...

Hi there....

I would really appreciate some help.... And advice

I've been having a really rough few months and started Imuran but it usually take few months to kick in so I was also put on prednisone which didn't help as much as they wanted so they doubled my does and I was on 60mg for few weeks and it worked great and symptom free! I started tapering down to 40mg but it was such a big drop to my system that I went back to 50 for another week and a half and only then down to 40mg. A day before I went down to 40 I started having major headaches (migraines) but I went down anyway... It has been 6 days on 40mg and the headaches are still there and stomach cramps are back and also diarrhea I called the doctor and I have an appointment tomorrow.... He said we should start to think about other options and maybe remicade....

I was wondering maybe the headaches are a side effect from imuran that is just kicking in??? did anyone ales experience such bad headaches after about 2 months of taking Imuran?

And now it seems like all of my symptoms are back and the Imuran does not seem to work that much... Any suggestions to what to do next?

anyone talking both Imuran and Ramicade and it is working for him/her ?

And any suggestion about the headaches??
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If you have only been on imuran 2 mo it has not had a chance to become effective yet. I believe it is 4 to 6 mo to take full effect. I know not what you want to hear! I don't have any advice buy wanted to mention that.
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It took 17 weeks for Imuran to 'kick in' (150mg).The CD was nearly under control.
During the first 3 months i had a 'fuzzy' head which i just put up with but once i got to the 4th month the headaches were so severe.I felt like i had severe migrane 24/7.
That was one of the reasons i had to stop taking Imuran.
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I went on Azathioprine while i was on 40mg of prednisone and a couple of months later went on humira with them took bout 6months to kick in i would say
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