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Bleeding without flaring

Does anyone else get some bleeding, more than a teaspoon, without a full blown flare-up?

I don't feel 100%, but then I never do, but I do not have full on flare-up symptoms. I do have some pain, bloating ( again, pretty much the norm for me), mild nausea and feel rather tired which could be due the loss of some blood I guess.

As I generally become more uncomfortable as the day goes on sitting at a desk at work, for other toilet associated reasons and in case this did become a flare-up I wanted to work from home which allows me to put my feet up and be far more comfortable.
As I try to minimise sickness absence and my brain can still function at times like this I consider this a reasonable adjustment to allow me to work but my team leader has said I am ill and cannot work. So with this in mind I am keen to know if others experience this type 'not really ill' symptoms

Thanks for your input

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Tramadol with paracetamol, more than I anticipated
Various daily supplements inc Multi-vits with iron
and watching what I consume

Sometimes : Pred tablets
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If you are bleeding you are in a flare. It may be mild, but it is still a flare. I was mildly bleeding for a couple of months before we caught it, and even then it was because I had a routine appointment and my blood work came back dangerously low and I had to go in for a transfusion.

See your doctor.
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When I first started having symptoms. It was just blood.
It does sound like a flair except for diarrhea. You should see your GI and hematology doctor for blood work. You'll know more of what's going on in your body once you do. Make sure you ask what blood tests they're going to give you. I never knew unless I asked.
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Thanks guys

I can see how it might be a mild flare-up. I have never felt completely right so figured it was just part of the day to day discomfort but that makes sense.
I had to have my blood test for the azathioprine this morning so the phlebotomist did an extra one for CRP. Is that the test you were referring to?
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My current flare began with bloody D (sometimes passing just blood), and it was my only symptom for a while. I felt absolutely fine otherwise. My CRP was only a 3 too. But as you know it turned out I was much worse on the inside than I appeared on the outside. Perhaps you should contact your GI; better to be safe than sorry

Are you still on the iron? If so that's probably good (as long as it doesn't upset your stomach) - should help make up for some of the blood loss. I avoided the usual aneamia I get by jumping on the iron supps as soon as the bleeding started.
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Personally I get bleeding sometimes with loads of blood but it tends to be a one off and follows bad stomach pains.

It's never been the start of a flair and I usually feel better the next day. It's just one of those things for me.
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Thanks Ian & Misty
I shall keep an eye on it and eat carefully. I have more pain today but am, if anything, constipated

It's a bit of a yo-yo this eat a low fibre diet but don't get constipated.

I am taking multi-vits with iron daily to ensure my iron is okay but then my GP said Iron can sometimes cause constipation so I may need to look at that

On the plus side there has been no more bleeding this afternoon but then I haven't been able to go either
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Keep your beady eye on this Jet, if you're suffering see your doc.
Speedy recovery and lots of rest


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Thanks Joan

I will keep an eye on it but I will have to get back to work.
I'd be a lot more comfortable if they'd let me work from home at times like this
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I think sometimes things like this is why my family have a hard time understanding this dx. I am currently in a flair, with the same s&s as you. Just bleeding, no D, little pain. I have learned to just go to the Dr as soon as this starts to try to get a hold on it. I have been to the dark side and don't want to go back. I think the others have it right on here. Be careful, and keep a close eye on this. Leason learned for me is.... it can all change in a day. Hope you feel better soon. Woops!
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Thanks Woops!

it always helps to know others have similar symptoms. It seems like, not only is it hard to discern all the triggers, no flare-up is the same as another

I've eaten stuff and been fine then eaten the same and within 30 minutes been in desperate need of a toilet! You're right, you just can't explain it satisfactorily to others and my new team leader seems to be freaking out about it a bit. It's gone from one extreme, not believing I even need a desk need the toilets, to the other

Thank you to everyone for your input I feel relatively new to this illness, despite being diagnosed in Oct 2009 and having had a lot of flare ups and different medication. There is still so much to realise and learn !
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Thank you everyone for your input

As an update, I am having a flare-up and the other symptoms followed soon after, but it is mild compared to my previous episodes.
I have been taking azathioprine now for 4 weeks and I know it takes 3-4 months to kick in for the UC symptoms but I believe something is happening.
I had some side effects which have diminished, although my head stills feels itchy, but I have noticed that my nails seem to be growing more and my hair might be a bit healthier. I asked my GP if the drug has any 'positive' side effects and she explained that as so many other aspects are affected by IBD, as we all know, that it is more likely that the aza is helping heal/repair those..

My bloodworks have shown that I am coping okay on the drug so I can reduce my blood checks to fortnightly for a few months so, all in all, and despite the mild flare up, pains, pangs and sore bot, I am feeling quite positive


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