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How Do You Get Excited About Life?

Lately I've been a little down in the dumps and I was thinking what is there to get excited about in life anymore? I have Crohn's and Celiac disease, I get up everyday and feel poor. What little I can eat either makes me nauseated or gives me heartburn. I feel like a fraction of the human being I used to be. Anybody else feel like this? How do you all get excited about life?
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Jeff D.
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I know exactly how you feel. I have felt the same way for a while now as well. The thing that makes me be able to cope with living is doing crazy things. Thats why I ride bikes and jump or ride down massive hills going 50 miles per hour or practice parkour. That is my only way to cope and I don't want to tell you thats the only way but for me it basically is my only way of coping which is why when the weather gets bad I start getting depressed because then all I have is my guitar and my writings.
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I find that sometimes the best way for me to get out of the dumps is by helping someone else. It takes my mind off my problems and it brings a smile knowing that I am useful. It's hard to pick yourself up and get going, trust me, I know...I just have to "make" myself get going and then I feel better. Exercise, anything! Just don't let yourself sit around and mope. When you're idle that's when your mind starts thinking and you end up in a bigger hole. Hope you're feeling better and hope this helps you some. Hugzzz
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I think we each have to find our own way to deal with it. I spend time with my family and that always makes me feel better. Kids are so innocent and they can always seem to tell what's going on. My kids can make me smile even when I hunched over in pain. When I'm feeling a little better I like to work on my van. It takes my mind off of the pain and when I'm done it gives me a sense of accomplishment.
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Its difficult as everyone is different but I truly believe that positivity helps immensely. It attracts good luck and well being whereas negativity breeds bad luck and poor health. It certainly works for me anyway. When I was really down about life treating me so badly and nothing ever going right for me, I felt like crap. That lasted for a long 18 months and eventually I decided one day that I was going to look forward to that day when I would feel so much better (after my GI told me that I had to fight my illness and that I was the only one that could beat it) This is what keeps me going. I have had moments where I relapse, like when I had the stoma fitted but it was only temporary and I can honestly say that it was the stoma bag thing and the fistulas (which appeared after immense amounts of stress at work) that depressed me not the crohns. I know that if I didn't have crohns, I wouldn't have needed the surgery but it was seriously more an image/emotional thing. Since I accepted that I had crohns 4 years ago, I haven't looked back. I have it and theres nothing I can do about it except try to look after myself. I'm certainly not going to spend ages dwelling on it, lifes way too short.

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Cara Fusinato
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I have this dog who adores me. I look in his eyes and it makes things OK. Either that, or I hit
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Jeff D.
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Also one thing that is getting me really excited right now is the fact that I am trying to duplicate David Blaine's tattoo of the eyes he has on his arm. I am wanting to duplicate it and change it slightly so I can put it over my heart. I want it their so whenever I feel bad I can remember that God is always watching me and as a thank you for everyone that watched me and helped me through hard times. Thats what is getting me going right now.

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