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Hi everyone.

I signed up a while ago, but haven't introduced myself yet. I was diagnosed with Crohn's when I was 16 (suffered from it for a few years undiagnosed before that.) I've tried a lot of different treatments over the last 7 years but nothing has been able to keep me under control. I'm now 23 and don't even have a highschool diploma. I've gone back to school a few times but always ended up dropping out due to being ill. This year it's been getting to the point where I was getting sick every time my doctor tried to reduce how much prednisone I was on. After ending up in the hospital I decided to try surgery (It was an option I had been avoiding.) I had an ileocecal resection about a week ago, and I'm hopeful it's the solution I've been looking for.
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Nancy Lee
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Welcome to the forum!

I hope now that you have had the operation, you will start to feel better.

You will find a lot of valuable information here at the Crohn's Forum
and more than likely make quite a few new friends...
most of which have a bowel disease.

Once again....welcome!!!
Hope you feel better soon.
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Welcome Wiles!

I am really sorry that your health has not cooperated with education. Hopefully the surgery will be a turning point though for you. There is no shame in having to do things a bit later in life than some others, and it just was not possible for you to have done it any other way.
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Hi! Your CD development sounds a lot like mine; I was also diagnosed at 16, I'm 21 now and haven't been able to get any further education or work since I finished school the same year I got my diagnose. I really hope the surgery you had will help you! Do you know what it is you want to do if the disease is kept under control? Let us know how things proceed.
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Hi Wiles,
Im 17 and only recently diagnosed so im a bit of a newbie but my mums got crohns so not new to all of it!
Im also in the same situation, diagnosed only a few weeks before my a levels - im guessing kind of like high school, im from the good old uk - so i have no qualifications at all. i was really gutted as i studyed hard to do them but due to hospitalisation, i really couldn't. so now im waiting to see my gi consultant which isnt until july 10th and i was diagnosed 8th may - the waiting is horrible as ive been given prednisone but NO pain meds. not good as im trying my best to get off the darn things as im putting on 3 pounds in weight every week and its the summer season! plus the whole emotional changes etc... too much to handle but ile be weening myself off in 3 weeks hopefully well thats what my steriod card tell mes, whether it will happen is a different story, just to say my school said i can go back next year to try and retake my exams, i dont no whether i will as that place stresses me out beyond belief but people are there to help you!
let us know how you feeling!

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