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Does anyone with severe Crohn's colitis feel that Asacol/Lialda helps them to remain in remission? I'm thinking that it is only useful for those with mild to moderate Crohn's. I am currently taking 12 Asacol pills per day.

Diagnosed July 2, 2009 Crohn's Colitis

Colon removed September 26, 2011.
Pathology showed UC instead of Crohn's.

I have arthritis that is very similar to RA, but not RA because I had UC.

Autoimmune related itch.

Meds: 15 mg/week Methotrexate for RA
Cetirizine for the itch
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That's a good question. I can't figure this out for the life of me. I take 6000mg of Lialda a day to maintain remission and I do not know if it is worth it. Sometimes it seems to me that mesalamine is a waste of time and money. But the last time I was in remission I had been taking Asacol and I stopped taking it. I was ok for a little over a year and then started flaring again. I'm not sure if the Asacol would have kept me in remission or not. All that said, I have moderate Crohns but am prone to peri-anal fistulas, so I don't think I really answered your question (but just wanted to add my two cents)!
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From my research, I think mesalamine is used for mild-moderate cases.

I currently take Lialda, as I am considered to have a mild case at this time. I have been having a decent run of good days lately, but I don't think I am in remission - but I am crossing my fingers I will be sometime soon.

Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease - July 2010
Diagnosis of Crohn's Disease Retracted - October 2011

I am still sick and so confused...

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