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Wisdom teeth out!

Not sure if I can stick this in here or not but whatever.
Next Monday I'm going to get my 2 wisdom teeth out. X-rays show I only have the top 2 which is awesome. I'm going to my doctor a couple days before to get stronger pain meds like percs cause they said they could only give me t3's from the surgeon which I know won't even help me out at all cause of my immunity I've build over the passed bit.
What I'm trying to get at is anyone else have it done recently or can remember getting it done and have any advice on things?
I'm honestly more worried more about this then when I was going into my resection lol.
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Well Zal, some people here seem to think I'm as old as Methuselah so I had mine removed hundreds of years ago BUT I remember it like it was yesterday...

I had both impacted top wisdom teeth removed at the dental surgery under sedation, IV Valium. I have no recollection of the procedure being done and a few hours later took 2 Panadeine Forte after the local anaesthetic wore off. I did not have any pain or swelling over the ensuing days and the only time I recall it being uncomfortable was when I was standing in a cold wind.

You'll be fine Zal, wisdom teeth are a walk in the park after what you've been through!

Good luck mate...

Dusty. xxx
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Oh yes, I had all 4 of mine taken out just over a year ago. Are you having it done with general or local anesthetic? I had the choice so choose general!

It was fine though. They just put me to sleep and the next thing I remember I was dreaming and didn't have a clue as to where I was when I woke up haha. I woke up with what looked like 4 flattened tampons in my mouth with the strings hanging out, which they took out soon after. They had already numbed my mouth before I came around so there was no pain. As soon as I came around and could get dressed, I could go home.

They gave me some antibiotics as I'd been on methotrexate as a precaution and I left with nothing more than paracetamol (tylenol). The pain came on in the car on the way home but it was nothing overly bad. I just popped some aleve when I got home, went back to bed and it felt much better when I woke up the next day.

Just make sure you follow their after care advice and you'll be fine!! Nothing to worry about
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I had two wisdom teeth pulled out in two years. I Greece they dont use general anesthesia for dental work.

First tooth, I go to the hospital lie on the bed, get a million shots to numb the area and.... the fun begun. The tooth refused to come out, at one point the dentist was pulling the tooth with both hands. after LOTS of drilling a tiny piece of tooth came out, the rest was turned into powder with the drill. Next day I wake up and look like a Bulldog all swelled up. It took a week to be able to eat properly.

Next tooth, the bottom of the tooth was bigger than the top. The doc had to cut a piece of bone in order to make room for the tooth to come out. again with only local anesthetic he had to put a piece of artificial bone to close to hole. Next day I was bulldog lady again, spend another week with puddings and soups (lucky me)

Both times I needed stiches both times the doc said that my teeth are extraordinary he said that my roots are bigger than the average and thicker also, this means I have good quality of teeth (only three fillings in 37 years) but when I have to pull one out its DIFFICULT.

Advise soft foods not very hot (milkshakes soups puddings) no heavy lifting for a few days after the procedure. LOTS of pain killers. Put some ice on your cheek after the procedure to reduce swelling.

And good luck
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Definitely follow every word of after care instruction they give you! "Dry Socket" is extremely painful...you DO NOT want it!

Best of luck to you! It's not as bad as you think, but it's far from pleasant also.
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Hey , i had 1 of my lower one's removed in November , just had a local anaesthetic , it was impacted so had to see a surgeon and he removed some bone before he could get it out , I found it fine , no pain , weird feeling as could feel pressure but not pain. I also work at the dentist too so see people have this done all the time with no probs. As above read the post -op care as dry sockets are painful (i got one and it lasted 10 days)
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Alrighty, got them out this morning. Went really well and I don't even have to be on antibiotics! The percocets are really good for a pain so far. I thought it was going to be a lot worse haha.
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When I had my wisdom teeth out they gave me Vicodin (made me sick) and then Darvocet (also made me sick) so I ended up just toughing out the pain with some Advil (this was before my Crohn's Dx). It really wasn't that bad. I am hoping I can do the same after my resection (not likely!) because painkillers/sedatives make me so ill.

Hope you heal quickly and uneventfully!

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Glad it went well. Had all 4 of mine out a couple years ago and I was put under so I didn't have to feel all the needles and pass out on my own. Went well except after I acted like a baffoon when coming out of my haze.

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