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Surgery with a robotic machine

I will be having my first resection surgery for crohn's in July. My doctor said that it will be done with a robotic machine and that it is less invasive that laproscopic. Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this or had this done? I've never heard of it and I'm of course nervous about surgery anyway and esp. with a machine. lol
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Wow I have not heard of this time to google
I will see it when I believe it!!!!
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Ok now I'm more nervous that no one has heard of using the robotic machine with a laproscopic surgery for a resection. lol Is this maybe a new thing?
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Hey there. Haven't had it done but had a family friend have surgery with it (if its what your talking about).

Basically its not a robot doing the work it is still the doctor. The surgeon puts his hands into controllers and those are the 'robot's hands'. The doctor watches on a monitor and basically everything is blown up for him to exact scale. Say the scale is 2:1 from monitor to real for every 2 inches he moves on the monitor it's actually only moving an inch in reality. Allows the doctors to be very very precise with their movements and see things much more clearly.

If I can find the link from when it was on our news channel I'll post it here.

Edit: And here is a link about it.

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Matt's surgeon does robotic assisted surgery if it is deemed suitable. Matt wasn't a candidate.

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Hey - look at it more as computer assisted surgery. My OBGYN was telling me about it - here is a link:
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Dang I want surgery from a robot! I guess I wasn't a candidate for it.
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Thanks everyone for answering! Everyone is so supportive on here! One more thing if you don't mind. The surgeon said that I shouldn't take long to recover and that I will be able to drive 3 weeks after surgery but in my experience drs will make things seem less of a big deal and it normally takes longer to feel better. lol So let's say that my surgery is done in this "less invasive way" (laproscopic with the machine) would it be unrealistic for me to feel well enough to go on a vacation a month after surgery that also includes an 11 hour drive to get there?
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hi Jenz. i had my surgery the traditional way and i was driving and in the air to an open day at my new uni within 5 weeks and it was only at my follow up consultation at 2 months that i was "told off" as i wasn't meant to be doing anything until he had cleared me. never mind flying! oops. if you feel up to the challenge then go for it. your body will very quickly tell you to stop if it needs to. i pushed myself and got better, happily id do it all again if it meant i would be able to get out and about 3 weeks ahead of their schedule! tho i may choose not to fly! that was maybe a little silly. lmao. love does strange things to ya! its my No.1 medicine tho.

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my surgeon used very new technoloy, I had my stoma done laparoscopically using machine, which my surgeon operated, it took longer but was well worth it, I have very little scars, and he stitched me up from the inside so didn't even have any stitches!!! the only stitches I had were disolvable ones round my stoma. I was out of hospital on day 3 and driving everyone crazy by week 2 wanting to be out doing normal eactivities!!
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