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hemmorhoid embarrassing but...

hey all-

i'm slightly embarassed to be discussing this, but we're all dealing with fairly embarrassing conditions here, right? i also dont know who else to ask! lol.

i have Crohns and i'm wondering if anyone else here has had problems with hemmorhoids. I'm scheduled to have hemmorhoidectomy in about a week, and i'm a little nervous. my doctor will be putting me under general anesthesia (which i'm not scared of) and keeping me in the hospital for a few days. he's also going to do an epidural to help with the paine (which he tells me will be pretty bad).

i'm glad the problem will be fixed, but i'm apprehensive about the recovery after the surgery. please comment or send me a message if you have dealt with this or have any other insight! thanks so much!
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old hat
You are being treated for a medical condition. You have nothing to be embarrassed about.

No one here is going to bat an eye about bowel problems.

Recovery from the surgery isn't going to be fun. It never is. However, it will be over in time and the problem will be fixed.
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I've not had the surgery, but I've had the problem. So far, it has just been a minor complication.. i.e. makes determining whether blood loss is from them or the colon.

I knew a fellow who had the operation. He didn't have any problems, he even joked to those who visited him shortly after the op that the worst part about it was that it made showing off his surgery scar a pain in the behind. My last op was a resection, so I understand the worries you must be going thru.. like how much will it hurt, and what about my first B/M afterwards. Well, if there is any comparing the two ops, mine was a walk in the park. And I was on a pain controll method that isn't as good as the epidural.. morphine drip. My first B/M? No problem there either.. (someone close to me told me my fears were all in my head.. you think it was their way of saying I'm full of .... well, you know?) As for post op, the weeks that followed were the absolute best... I was a little sore, but I have felt far more pains/problems just dealing with crohns/IBD. Literally, it was like a real vacation.

That was my experience. Hope yours turns out even better. Let us know, okay?

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