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Hi Everyone
AS alot of you know had to go see the surgeon
on May 22nd with my answer.
I said no that I will wait a few more months for know.
There is just to much going on in my life right now and
besides that my GI wants to try me on Humria but I have
to stop taking the Remicade for 3 months prior. This should
prove to be very interesting. Humria he said is fairly new
drug in Canada and they want me completely off the remicade
in order for them to do this clinical study on Humria.
I ask Why do I have to stop taking remicade and he said this
is what or who ever is giving the drug wants it done.
Here in Canada we are the last people to receive any new
drug. I have read other posts from the USA and England that
have had this drug for months.Even when the remicade was
introduced in Canada The USA and England had it first.

I don't understand why Canadians are always the last to
receive or even hear about new drugs. Is it our government
or the FDA or what?

Any how I have another 4 months before I go back and see
the surgeon again

Also today is the day that I take my daughter to the Dr. to
hear her well some of her results. They think that she might
have some sort of IBS. I am just praying that it comes back
negative. I dont think she could handle this disease seeing
what I go through day by day. My fingers are Xed
I will keep you updated.



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