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anything help for scar tissue?

Trying to understand if ANYTHING will help with a stricture due to scar tissue?

I didn't think anything could help with scar tissue, but I've seen several posts from people who say they have strictures but haven't had surgery. So is there a particular diet that will help? Or are those strictures from inflammation?

Right now, I'm eating a low residue diet, but it seems that it doesn't really matter what I eat. It seems to be more of an issue with quantity or volume of food....I get major pain/cramps several hours after I eat anything with feeling of being full and constipated. Then several hours after that I hear the stereotypical rumblings (like they portray in the movies) and have to run to the bathroom....

I haven't yet been diagnosed with a stricture, but had a CT Thursday afternoon and am hoping to hear from the doc tomorrow. Just want to know what I can do differently....

In addition, any particular foods/supplements beneficial before surgery if it comes to that? I know that yogurt is good and I've read that L-glutamine is beneficial for intestinal flora. I tried aloe vera, but it went right thru me...

I'm also looking at SCD/Paleo, etc., as I believe this pain is a major wake up call for me after many years of little or no symptoms.

Thanks and blessings to all who post and share your knowledge!
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It's a tough one... once the tissue has scarred, from repeated bouts of inflammation and healing, it's difficult to stretch out without baloon dilation or surgery. However the scarring doesn't usually get too bad unless you've had the illness a long time, and had many flares. Like skin, vitamin A and E are useful. As far as nutrition goes, there are complete nutritional drinks that are easy to digest and might give you some relief. They are also useful before surgery to make sure you are in the best possible condition for the journey.
All the best.

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