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Lialda for Crohn's of the small bowel?


I was diagnosed with Crohn's of the small bowel and terminal ileum two years ago and have since had a resection removing my ileum and a section of small bowel. I've never had any colonic or anal Crohn's involvement and have been really lucky to have all of my inflammation contained to an area of about 18 inches.

My doctor wants me to be on maintenance meds though I am now in remission and have been since surgery in November of 2009. I refused to continue 6MP and stopped it in December of 2010. Last month I had a colonoscopy that only showed three very small ulcers and no stricturing or scarring of my surgery site. my doc conceded that I didn't need the 6MP or Remicade right now due to the minimal activity he found after 5 months off meds, but he asked me to try Lialda, kind of as a concession to not taking the 6MP.

I've started the Lialda and am happy to not be on an immune suppressant, but in my recent reading there doesn't seem to be much indication that this med will work for my type of Crohn's. Can someone else tell me what they know about the drug? Does it work at all for small bowel involvement? Anyone else with ileitis who uses a mesalamine drug? I don't mind taking the meds, but I don't want to be on a drug that isn't helping my disease at all. I'd rather just stay off meds altogether until they are needed!

Thanks! Sorry for the long post!
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Hi Kristy,

I have taken Lialda and you are right, it is normally prescribed for colon and rectal involvement. It is mesalamine, which is also the same drug as Pentesa and Asacol, but it is designed for specific release at the end of the intestinal tract. You may want to ask your doctor if Pentasa or Asacol would be better suited to your type of Crohns. Good luck, oh and Welcome!

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