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Grey Hawk
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Just had a resection.

Just had one a week ago. Not much pain, eating normal, already pooping semi normal(long skinny pieces, but getting better everyday), but I have a question.

I don't have all the energy they were talking about. I was told after surgery I would have tons of energy with the removal of the bad area(this was the only area affected).

I'm not saying I feel the same as pre op, but I don't feel light years better. I feel about 10% better maybe... Is this normal since its only been a week?
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Hiya Grey Hawk

I've not had Crohn's surgery but I've had surgery, and you're gonna need more than a week to feel any normality.
You've had anaesthesia for a kick off!
Take it easy, nice and slow
speedy recovery, you'll get there in the end!


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Early days yet mate!

My son had a resection about 7 weeks ago and I reckon the beginning of week 4 post op was the real turn around for him. That was when he really started move freely and I started to see shades of him emerging again. Matt expected to start feeling "normal" again after a week but I think this sort of time frame is being unrealistic. BTW, Matt had open surgery.

Dusty. xxx
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I don't really remember a whole lot about mine bc I had so much going on at the same time so I always felt bad and was in major pain. Your gonna need more than a week tho to really tell a difference.
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Hi you really need to give it more than a week, think it took me at least 3 to start feeling better!!
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I am glad to hear surgery went so well. And I agree with those above me, I think you need a few weeks to get some energy back. Hang in there for a little longer!

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Grey Hawk
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Two weeks yesterday, feeling better! Just got the staples out today!
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Good news! Keep on feeling better and better.
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Congrats, I had open surgery last may for a 12 inch small bowel resection and it took me about 6 weeks to have a good amount of energy. You just can't let it stop you. Setting weekly goals helped me a lot. Like distance walking at one time.

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