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Eczema Treatment

hi all,
i wrote a while ago about super itchy skin i've been suffering from, and many of you offered very helpful responses. i've been put on entocort, and have actually seen some improvement in my skin since i started taking it, but still have patches that are really bothersome. i am pretty sure this is eczema, from everything i've read about it. does anyone (particularly in the u.s., since that's where i am) have any recommendations for eczema treatments?
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Cara Fusinato
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I am seeing improvement in mine with Corticool. I have tried several things. It's probably eczema, and Corticool seems to be improving and the spots are disappearing. Might wanna try it. I bought two tubes since it is a little hard to find (I'm in CA).
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Amazing.....I have suffered from Eczema on elbows and knees for decades and when I started taking Entocort I have not had one outbreak even when I stop the Entocort. I wondered if anyone else had this happen. Thanks for posting that.

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Steroids like Prednisone are also used to treat Eczema. So when you take it you will feel better in thats ide alos. The problem is the side effects of steroids.

Maybe you can try taking fish oil; it's supposed to help both Eczema and Crohn's
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I can't take fish oil; I just can't seem to digest it, bummer. But I take a high quality Flax oil with very high lignans and also evening primrose oil. It has helped so much with all the weird itchy rashy skin issues I get from Pentasa, Remicade and, when I'm on it, prednisone.

Topically I use glycerin soap or unscented Dove to to bathe in and whipped shea butter (the real stuff, not the added-to-a-lotion kind). Vaseline Intensive Rescue has helped alot, too, especially treating the rashes.

Also, if you take showers and wash your hair at the same time, be sure to use a Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-free shampoo. I prefer Burt's Bees, but there's quite a few out there.

Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate is much milder; it doesn't bother me in shampoos or body wash but everyone's different, so try it out. BTW, I'm not pitching any particular products, just sharing what helps me.


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I rub some coconut oil into mine and it heals right up - for a little while. I have very small spots of it, nothing major.

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