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Back cramps

Hello all,

Just join the forum to see how crohns effects others. Particularly with their sleeping patterns.

I had my op this time last year and so far everything has been good. They took out the terminal illieum (apologies for the spelling). No more rumbling or cramps that sounded like a monster in my stomach. I'm currently taking pentasa, 6mg a day. As far as I can tell my symtoms haven't come back.

My question to the group is, doesn't anyone suffer from cramping when they sleep. Specifically on their back? I wake up every night and basically crippled to the point I have to pull myself up. Once standing, I can walk it off. Its driving me mad cos I can't get more than 5-6hrs sleep per night. Its only started happening over the last few months, is this the kind of thing that happens when your b12 levels get low?

Chris L
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Hiya Chris
and welcome fellow Brit

Sorry I don't have this problem, I take 25mg of Amitriptyline at bedtime and would sleep thro a tornado!
This drug is an anti depressant in high doses but works as an anti spasmodic too.
Have you discussed this with your gastro? You shouldn't have to be in pain and suffer like this.
someone else might come along with the answer soon.
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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I, too, take Amitriptyline, but I still have back pain. My back doesn't really hurt when I am leaning against something, like when laying down. If I'msitting with nothing supporting my back, then it really hurts. I agree with Joan that you should talk to your doctor or you could even try a chiropractor. I haven't been able to go to mine because I'm currently in a flare so I can't go to the chiro so my back hurts worse than ever.
I hope this helped and you start feeling better soon!

The medicines I'm on:
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Hyoscyamine- .125 MG (when necessary)
Promethazine- 25MG(When Necessary)

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I am glad to hear about your successful surgery! I had an illectomy a year and a half ago, and have been feeling great as well.
The only time that I have experienced back pain was before, during, and after flare-ups. Maybe consider going to a chiropractor? It really helped me. Or massages? My mom is a massage therapist and they really help. Everything is connected, so it makes sense that your back, parallel to your abdomen, would experience symptoms as well. Is it on a particular side or location? If your ilium was where the disease took hold, maybe your right side of your back is reacting to the trauma that occurred before and during surgery? Hope you figure it out!

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My back as bothering me really bad today. My mom has back problems as well so we have a heating pad. It has done wonders for me. While it still hurts, it is defiantly 90 times better than what it was.
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i also get cramping in my back to and in my stomach and i also get this lound rumbling or cramps that sounded like a monster in my stomach and the cramping will get so bad that i can't move or anything so your not alone with that i also take 25mg of Amitriptyline and i also take my pain meds 3 times a day they dont work like they should i suffer with chronic pain i take lortabs and i am on sertraline 100 mg but i still have hard sleeping hang in there i am here if you need to talk i am here to listen here is a hug for you and ev 1 here good night ev 1 take care

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