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Best Foods and Probiotics opinion

Someone who has Crohn's, what foods are best to eat, what foods should you avoid and has anyone found that Align or other probiotics helped with their disease.
Thanks for your help!
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Definitely no seeds, nuts, or corn. Absolutely avoid those. Red meat (steak and pork) and raw foods (veggies and fruits) are very very hard to digest as well. Everything else, you need to play by ear. It really depends on the person. Peel all of your fruits just to be on the safe side. Try to eat as healthy as possible- minimal fried foods because they are too greasy.

The Garden of Life's Primal Defense and Green Food helped me for years
Also eat yogurt! My mom tried to get me to eat yogurt for years, but I refused because I didn't like the taste. I'm in remission now and can try new foods, and love yogurt now! If you don't like yogurt, try Acidophilus. It comes in pills or liquid form, and it contains bacteria that help with digestion. Crohn's patients usually lack these bacteria because our bowels are in such turmoil.

And drink tons of water. Constantly. Water can only help you.
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After suspecting that a lot of my digestive woes were coming from a bacterial imbalance and or yeast imbalance, I decided to try probiotics (Align) and a gluten free diet. It has been close to two weeks and I am feeling great. I still make multiple trips to the BR, but the cramping is much better and what amazes me most is the amount of energy I have! I don't think I realized just how bad I had been feeling. I think I will try to reintroduce gluten slowly back into my diet because I'm not sure if it's the diet or the probiotics that have been the most help. But I'm feeling so much better right now, i don't really want to risk it!
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"I don't think I realized just how bad I had been feeling" is soooo true! Post surgery, I was in shock for so long because I felt so much more alive than I ever had. Just had to comment Oh and I'm glad that the probiotics and diet are helping!
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Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra knocked out 8 years of severe GERD in 2 weeks for my UC/Crohns/PSC child. Have not done without it since 2004 for entire family. Now will not do without LDN. LDN = remission!
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You really might want to investigate an anti-inflammatory diet or anti-sugar. Paleo or Specific Carb are two that seem to have a lot of success for people.
I know for me, a hybrid of the two seems to keep all of my symptoms at bay.
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