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help, very worried

So I am on LDN and after a few months I am completely done my prednisone as of may 24. My symptoms always get a little worse when I would drop my prednisone dosage by 5mg but I would quickly jump back. But now after completely finishing my prednisone my symptoms are still bad. Has this happened to anyone who has been on prednisone while also on LDN, and can I expect my symptoms to go away just like the other times I would drop the dosage?

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Although I am currently taking LDN; I have not experienced LDN while tapering off of Prednisone. Prednisone never got me to remission either. I do take a hydrocortisone enema with my LDN.

BUT When I have tried Prednisone I have had to taper off Prednisone VERY slowly. My Doctor has had to get me to taper off at 1mg increments (not the typical 5mg etc.). It took/takes months to taper that slowly, but it is what my body would allow. From what I understand it is not that uncommon; essentially some of our bodies become Prednisone dependent.

Good Luck and lets hope you bounce back quickly. If not you may want to discuss tapering the last last 5mg (I think it was the last 10mg for me) at 1mg increments over a long period of time.
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I do not think anyone can answer that question. We all respond differently to any given treatment, and it is a matter of wait and see. The prednisone taper makes it even more complicated.

LDN does not usually work quickly.

I hope you keep us updated on any changes.

Good Luck

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I am also not on LDN, but when I was on pred I had to taper in 1 mg increments also. (once I was down to 5 mgs) I guess that it is quite common. Can you go back to 5 mgs and ask your doc for 1 mg tables? That is what I would do. Good luck.
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