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big vern
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He, new member from UK
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Hi Big Vern.

Welcome to the forum! You will see that we have many members from the UK here also.

If I may ask, what brings you to the forum?
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big vern
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had crohns for about 3 years now
been struggling with extreme fatigue / feeling unwell for the past 3 months and have started to have dark thoughts as I don't seem to be making any headway.
massively affecting work / family life

I have posted a question in the support forum (can't link to it as I haven't made 5 posts yet! so it's below)

""Hi All

I would really really appreciate any guidance;

Had Crohns for a few years and recent mri showed narrowing at terminal ileum.
Consultant has recomended a resection.

Can a narrowing cause pretty much non stop stomach rumbling / gurgling, I put my hand over the upper abdomen and 90 % of the noise / vibration is coming from the stomach, yet the narrowing is at the terminal ileum.
Can this 'narrowing' cause fatigue , feelings of being generally unwell even if I have no active desease at present?""

The reason I posted it was because although I have days when I feel really unwell, I have, at present, no active crohns, just a narrowing in the terminal ileum. because of this and the stomach rumbling I have convinced myself that there may be another cause for feeling so crap. Had usual blood tests - but nothing found..
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Hi big vern and welcome.

I can understand your dark thoughts but know that it CAN and VERY LIKELY WILL get better! Read the stories here. There is so much success. Yes, the road to get to that point can be bumpy, but we're here for you during that.

In regards to your questions, the ileum is where B12 is absorbed. The symptoms you're describing can certainly be caused by Crohn's alone, but also by insufficient B12. You may want so speak to your doctor about that and the possibility of injections.

I wish you all the best and remember, we're here for you buddy
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Welcome Big Vern! I have seen alot of members posting on the forum about the rumbling, gurgling tum. So you are not alone there!

I sure wouldnt want your GI to be passing you off as not having an issue! David is right, you should have B12 checked as well. Although fatique is a very common problem with us crohnies unfortunately!

What other tests has your GI performed recently for you? Have you had the ol barium with follow through. (ghastly, but not as bad as the prep for the colonoscopy...everyones fav!)

DX Crohns Feb 2011, symtoms 1997, 2009 and then WHAM! Emergency surgery for perforated sigmoid, fistula through fallopian tube, septic and near dead: Colostomy-Stan was born 22/12/10. Another parastomal hernia, his name is Ollie and he is MONSTER size!
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big vern
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I recently had an endsocopy which didn't find any active desease - which is the confusing part - as it's not active I didn't expect to feel this unwell with 'just' the narrowing. I'll ask my consultant about b12 and follow through test (never heard of this) Cheers all for support
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Hi Big Vern and welcome!

I find the fatigue the hardest side symptom of Crohn's. It can really affect your whole life and def lead to some depression. I would have your doc do a full panel of bloods to see what else you might be low in.

Good luck! Hope you can get it corrected soon and start feeling a little more energy.

- Amy

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