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New To Forum

HI my name is patricia and i am new to this reeree told me about forum.i found out i have crohn's 4 years ago. it is under control now.i lucked across doing this i'm not sure how to do anything else.
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D Bergy
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Welcome to the forum. Great people here. Nice that you have your Crohn's under control. How are you treating it?

D Bergy
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first off, welcome to the forum.. second off, if when you write "i'm not sure how to do anything else" you are referring to posting on here, then you seem to be doing fine.

If you've got any questions, even if it's just about posting, feel free to ask. and, since your crohns is under control, (something lots of us still haven't quite managed), if you've got any advice to offer, then I think yours would be most welcome. and welcome you are... anytime. That's what this site is for.. (and congrats to reeree re referral, ok I know, lots of childish aliteration, so sue me!)

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LOL @ Kev! I posted a ReeReeFreebie in the General Discussion room. I get lots of flack about

Hi Trish! You'll figure everything out. It's easy once you get the hang of it. Are you having a good day today?
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I am new to this forum too. I was diagnosed with Crohns in 1984. My daughter, who is 27 also has Crohns. I am almost 50 yrs. old. Anyone in my age group with CD?
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D Bergy
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Welcome to the Forum hummingbird.

I am forty-five years old. Just diagnosed in December of 2006. I often wonder if my children are going to be affected by this disease also.

D Bergy
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how do i post i am new to this site and cant figure it out
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Welcome everyone to the forum!

I am glad that ReeRee introduced you to this place patricia, and hope you all find this place to be informative and fun!

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