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Bob the Fish
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I was diagnosed with UC 5 years ago. Had 2-3 flare-ups a year, but started one in January and have tried different meds to no avail. I have been on asacol for the 5 years. I have my 1st remicade infusion Monday. The comments Ive read here have helped me with some of my concerns. I'm really hoping & praying that this will work. I'm looking forward to more time with my family & less time in the bathroom.
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Hi Bob, and welcome, love the username!
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Hi Bob and

I'm glad you found your way here 'cause this is a fab place for support and info!

Sorry to hear about the rough time you have been having but I will be keeping everything crossed that the Remicade does the trick! I'm guessing you have already found the Remicade forum, please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

Good luck and keep us posted Bob, welcome aboard!

Take care,
Dusty. xxx
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Bob the Fish
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Thanks for the welcomes & kind words. I'm really praying that the remicade works. The last few months have not been pleasant. I tried the 6MP & ended up in the ER with pancreatitis, very painful. My dr. says if this doesn't work, there are 2 more drugs, both self injected & after that surgery. SO- please wish me luck & prayers really do help!! I will keep up posted (tomorrow I start remicade)
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Welcome and good luck with the remicade!

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Welcome to the site!

I really wish you luck with the Remicade! Hope it works out for you and you don't have to go through with the other meds and surgery.

The medicines I'm on:
Gabapentin- 400 MG
6MP- 75 MG
B12- 100 MCG
Calcium- 1200 MG
Lansoprazole- 30 MG
Prenatal Vitamins- for hair--not pregnant
One a day for teens vitamin
Hyoscyamine- .125 MG (when necessary)
Promethazine- 25MG(When Necessary)

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Welcome Bob and
sending lotsa good luck your way, hope the Remicade is 'The One'


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HI Bob and welcome!

Good luck with the Remi infusion - hope it does the trick!

- Amy

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