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Just Found Out I Have This

Hello, I am a 18 year old male. For the past few months ive had diarrhea, abdominal pains and wieght loss ( I lost 15 pounds in two months ). My doctor gave me a lot of tests: I had a bloodwork and stool test twice, a CAT scan, a x-ray and an ultrasound and they all found nothing.

I was sent to a Gastrologist and I was given a colonoscopy 2 days ago. After the colonoscopy was over the Gastrologist told me while I was half asleep that I had Crohn's disease and that he would schedule a meeting with me 5 days later. This all seemed like a dream. I had no clue what Crohn's disease was: heck I didn't even know what a gastrologist was, I just fell back to sleep on the hospital bed.

Now I am very frightened though. I didnt know anything about this disease untill I searched around the web but I still have a few questions. Can this disease get worse to the point where it is life threatining? Will I have to get surgery? What can I do to ease the abdominal pains?
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Hard to tell what's down the road for you - Crohn's seems to be different for each individual who has it. With the help of a good GI and family, you can do almost everything that you did before. It will definitely take some time to adjust to it. There are great people here who have been through just about everything physically, emotionally and mentally. It's a great place to get info. Make sure you get all the detail you can from your GI, and keep asking questions until you have all the info you can get. Learn what your options are so that you can make informed decisions going forward, and don't ever let Crohn's beat you. You are young, and can still do a lot in life in spite of the disease.

There are a lot of complications that can arise from Crohn's, and some of them can be life threatening. Not too common though. Try not to let your mind run wild until after you have talked to your doc. A journal documenting your food eaten, times and activity levels can help you figure out how you can modify your diet to avoid a lot of pain.
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Your right, I shouldn't think about this too much until I have seen my GI. I still have my whole life ahead of me and next year im going to engineering at a good university. I guess I will just have to cope with it.
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Hi Hopper and

Sorry you had to find your way here but on the plus side it is a great place for support and info!

The location and severity of your disease can tell you a lot about what you may expect. When you become more familiar with it you will know the path you may be following.

Yes, Crohns can have life threatening aspects but that is only for some people and once diagnosed and under care it really shouldn't come to that, particularly if you are aware and seek help.

I would imagine once you have the consult with the GI he will start you on medication to bring the flare under control and then most people continue with some type of maintenance medication to keep you in remission. Once you start to bring things under control the symptoms should start to fade away.

Have a browse through the diet and exercise forum, you may find something there that is helpful with your diet, what foods may or may not suit you and help alleviate pain and diarrhoea.

Good luck mate and I will keep my fingers crossed that all turns out well with the GI. Keep us posted!

Welcome aboard!
Dusty. xxx
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Hey there. I'm a 20 year old male now, was diagnosed back in 07. It can be scary for sure but your right you do have your whole life ahead of you and by no means does this mean it's oover fr you.

I'm going to university too and Dustykat's kid goes too (if I'm remembering right). There are plenty of people who do extraordinary things with Crohn's and I'm sure you'll be okay.

Best of luck with everything and welcome to the forums.

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Hiya Hopper
and welcome

Can't add anymore, everyone's said it.
Try not to worry yourself, stress can be a trigger, the more you think about this new diagnosis, the more your head will be cabbaged!
Wait to see what the gastro has lined up for you then do some research on it, don't read any horror stories tho!
If you're unsure about any meds, ask us, we're the experts! Most of us use paracetamol for pain, Tylenol in Canada. Do not use any NSAIDS tho, Advil or Ibuprofen.
Good luck and
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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HI Hopper and welcome!

The others just about covered it all but I just wanted to welcome you and say good luck with your GI follow up appt. I hope you can get a good treatment plan that has you feeling better very soon!

- Amy
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Hi Hopper

Your experience sounds the same as mine, diagnosed in high school (1990). I also got an engineering degree did my masters and live a normal life.

My Crohn's is largely controlled with medication and I didn't really have any issues since my diagnosis until lately.

Beyond that, the earlier posts on the thread have pretty well covered it off for advice.

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