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First timer

My daughter has been so sick. Last year they removed her gallbladder. This year she was in the hospital for a week with a partial blockage. We are in the process of planning her wedding and she has so many issues with her stomach. I have researched and all of her symptoms sound like crohn's disease. I want her to keep a food diary and also find a good reference guide. Any suggestions for a first read?
I've never been apart of a blog or post so please be patient with me.
Thank you for your help. It is difficult to watch your only baby (now 28 hrs old!) suffer, especially when this is suppose to be the best time of her life!!
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Hi KJ and welcome! Sorry to hear your daughter is having such a rough time of it.

What was the cause of your daughter's blockage?

What are her symptoms and has she been to see a GI about her symptoms? Has she had any tests and if yes, what were the results?

There are no hard and fast rules about food with IBD - the disease is different for each of us and food affects each of us differently.

My suggestion would be to have your daughter talk to her GI and get some tests done if she hasn't already. it will be difficult to treat or put an action plan together unless you know what you are dealing with.

Good luck! - Amy
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Funny my daughters name is Amie too!
She had a colonoscopy before they removed her galbladder. Once she had that done, a little over a year ago, she did great and could eat anything. She did great for almost a year. When she had the blockage this year they blamed it on scar tissue. She couldn't eat for at least 4 days and was on antibiotics and muscle relaxers and pain meds. The test they did, where you have to drink the stuff, well she didn't pass that stuff until after the 5 th day.
She has never been enemic and is not loosing weight. She can go weeks and be fine and then all of a sudden she is bent over, can't stop going to the bathroom and is nausus.
She won't go back to the original GI because he made her suffer so long. When she had the gallbladder removed it was done as an emergency.
We are guessing this is crohns disease. Everything we have read matches what she has. I have asked her to keep a food diary but we can't pin point what food starts this up. I would like her to try and control this without meds. I have read so many horror stories. She is going to a natural food store to check what they have on the subject.
There is another GI Dr in our area and she will try him next.
Amie has to watch her bowl schedule all of her life but has never been in this much pain. Her family Dr did giver her pain meds, ultraset ?, but it only works for about an hour.
I did send her this site so maybe she will join.
Thank you fir your response.
Signed a very concerned mom
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Greetings and welcomes!

Goodness, I'm sorry you're daughter is having to go through this, especially at a time when she should be excited about her wedding And I'm sorry you and your family are having to deal with such issues as well.

I hope that the GI is able to figure out what is going on with your daughter ASAP and get her on a good treatment plan. I wish her and you all the best. And we're here for you folks anytime
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Hey there, welcome to the forums. I'm really sorry for what you and your daughter are going through right now. I wish her the best of lulck and I really hope you find some answers soon.

For information this is a great place to find first hand experiences of just what people with Crohn's and IBDs go through. If your looking for something else too though:

That's the link I was given by my doctor when I was diagnosed. Anyway best of luck!

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Hi and welcome! I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. If you truly think it is Crohn's, she needs to see a GI to get to the bottom of this. Therefore, if she is diagnosed, she can be treated, feel better, and avoid possible complications. I know testing isn't fun, especially when you are preparing for your wedding, but your health is #1. Please encourage her to see a specialist sooner than later.

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I am still sick and so confused...
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Please do give the other GI a chance - there are good doctors out there.

Tell Amie to be careful of the ultraset - pain meds can cause constipation which can make things worse! Also tell her to avoid NSAIDs for the pain.

Good luck - keep us posted! - Amy

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