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busy dr busy mum. No time to be sick!

After suspecting that I had CD for many years ( loose bowels, weight loss,fatigued) I developed a small perianal abscess last year. A colonoscopy and gastroscopy confirmed duodenal, and ileocolic ulcers. My symptoms are relatively mild and I continue to work as a doctor and am a busy wife and mother of two preschoolers. My doctor is worried that my disease is worsening and so I have tried azathioprine and 6mp. I had a terrible reaction to these with fever and muscle aches and pains. Felt like I was dying but got better after a day. Now due to start injecting methotrexate. Hope it works, that I don't lose too much hair, and that I stay well enough to support all the people in my life. Looking forward to talking to people in these forums as I'm still not really ready to admit to most people that there is anything 'wrong' with me :-)
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Hi Drmum and

Wow, you have your hands full! I'm glad you found your way here 'cause his is a fab place for support, info and a laugh!

Pop on over to the treatment forum as you will find some threads there on Methotrexate. Also if you do a search you should pick up further threads about it.

I hope the Methotrexate does the trick for you and with no side effects!

Good luck and welcome aboard!

Take care,
Dusty. xxx
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Hello Drmum and welcome to the forum.

Let's hope that the Methotrexate takes care of the problem
so you can continue working and caring for your two wee ones.
You live a full active life and don't need these nasties slowing you down.
Dusty has given you the link to the Methotrexate posts
and please feel free to have a look around the rest of the forum.

Welcoming hugs~Nancy
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My sincere greetings and welcome to you. Goodness, it must be tough having so many responsibilities and a disease like Crohn's on top of that. You have more inner strength than me, that's for sure.

I look forward to seeing you around the forum. We're here for you anytime
It's good to be back
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Thanks heaps. To be honest, reading all the posts on these forums makes me realize how many people are worse off than me and that I shouldn't be feeling so sorry for myself!
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Welcome Drmum!! Glad you've joined us! The others seem to have pointed you in the right direction. Hope you stick around!!
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Hi Drmum and welcome! It's okay to feel sorry for yourself sometimes. It is totally allowed. God knows I throw a wicked pity party! However, it is important to try to remember all the good things in life. And it sounds like you have a lot of good things going for you - family and a great career. Now, we just have to hope your new treatment plan gets you feeling terrific! Crossing my fingers for you!

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Hi Drmum,

just letting you know you're not alone with this; I'm also a Dr and trying to balance work with crohns. I'm not a mother however, so I admire your strength to balance all 3!

It's normal to moan and feel sorry for yourself and we're all here for you (and each other); this is a tough disease and it varies in severity for everyone but that doesnt mean those who havent had surgery etc arent suffering. Welcome to the forum, you will definitely find support and sympathy here!


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Any advice I give must never ever ever replace the advice from your own doctor and care givers. They know far better than I do!

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