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Hi Everyone,

I am glad I have found this forum. I am at the moment going through my first litre of Klean-prep and it is not nice at all.

I think the worst part is the waiting of the final outcome.

I shall be having the procedure on Wednesday morning, so I have to go through the 4 satchets between today and tomorrow. At the moment it has done nothing for me, but I suppose it will soon.

Thankyou for letting me share your experiences.

I believe I am having a full colonoscopy and that I am going to have some sedation, do you think I should ask for a full sedation?
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Hi mongielife. Sedation is different to general anaesthetic. Sedation means you can obey requests to roll over etc but without really knowing about it. A general comes with risks & for a procedure that may only last 25mins IMO is not worth the risk. I've had Colonoscopys whilst fully awake (1985/1986). My last one was December last year when I was only initially sedated, but it wasn't so bad. Its the air they pump in which makes it a bit uncomfortable.
A consensus on one of the threads about colonoscopys on here was that the prepping is the worst bit-I'd go along with that TBH.
I've got one on the 21st June & now use Picolax as I cant tolerate Fleet or Klean-prep so you are doing very well it. Hope it goes well for you, its all over so quickly so try not to get worked up about it.

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hi and welcome to the forum.....yes, the worst part is the waiting, AND the prep!.....

It usually takesa a little bit for hte prep to work, but when it doesn, have a clear path to the bathroom!

As for the sedation, don't be afraid to ask for more, I have watched my scopes, had some pain from them in the past (when I've been flaring), my current doc uses propofol so I don't feel or remember a thing!

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Yes, the prep and having to starve yourself are the worst! My doctor's office uses something called Propofol for sedation/anesthesia, and it was great. Didn't feel or remember anything. And you get your head back fairly quickly compared to other meds.

Hope all goes well with you!
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I agree prep is the worst part! For my next colonoscopy, I'm thinking about just taking a pillow to the toilet and sleeping there

I couldn't do just a sedation. I'm incredibly modest so I can't do that awake and will always ask to be knocked out no matter what. Good luck with everything!

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Hi mongielife and welcome! As everyone before me has said, the prep is the worst part of the colonoscopy. Thanks to general anaesthetic, the procedure is a breeze!

I hope all goes well and you get some answers. Keep us posted!

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I agree. Prep is the worst. I had a bad experience with drinking a gallon of laxative. I usually get twilight sleep when i have a colonoscopy, which is amazing.
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Hello mongielife, I too am having a colonoscopy tomorrow morning so shall be thinking of you. Good luck.
Penguin x

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