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Colonoscopy last week

Just had a colonoscopy last week, and thankfully without as much pain and they actually managed to do a full check this time. Result was mild inflammation throughout large bowel, i also had it in lower intestine last time. They still say colitis so it seems pretty certain that will be final diagnosis and although inflammation is mild (went back on smoking lol) does that mean it is Pancolitis since the inflammation is througout large bowel?

Still feel weak most of the time and very drained of energy as well as cramping in the morning although the smoking seems to be stopping it flaring.
Diagnosed pancolitis 29/6/11
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Prednisolone (cant take lights up my nerves)
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Pancolitis is the entire colon. I'm in the same boat.
In regards to feeling weak, have they checked you for anemia? It's very common due to blood loss from the inflammation.
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they ran a full blood test yes so am imagining they checked for anemia, i haven't been told i have pancolitis yet just had on my colonoscopy slip mild inflammation throughout large bowel so the only colitis i see that matches with that is pan. I dont know if vitamin b12 would help with the weakness either
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Just been told i have pancolitis as well as cd .could do with a
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I dont kno what I have yet...had colonoscopy on Wednesday and biopsies taken, results in 7-10 days.
Mine showed inflammation at caecum, patchy congestion, granularity, erythema and mucosa.
Ive been ill for about 2-3 years, violent cramps and diarrhoea within 40 minutes of eating, not any particular food, most things seem to upset me. Imodium no longer work. I started really bad leading up t having to have my gallbladder plus stones removed and its just getting worse. Looking back this has gone of for years. I have had some bleeding but I thought this was maybe piles although scope said possibly but couldnt see nay now. The bleeding was bright red, just like a nose bleed lol. If I can get to the loo immediately Im not too bad but if Im out or on a bus journey home then it really knocks me sideways and I feel so drained. My bloods all seemed to be normal and an endoscopy a couple of weeks ago was normal however not had biopsy results yet.
Bread, pasta, potatoes, broccoli ( a definite no no), cupa soups are definite triggers, rice and hard boiled eggs seem to be ok as are banannas. Pineapple is a bad one.
Waiting to see GI, sometime in early November. Any advie/info much appreciated. Im 43 and on no medication.

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