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New member from Tampa

Hello all!
I have been a lurker on here for sometime. Really intrigued by LDN treatments. Currently on Asacol and Cimzia (as my gi wouldnt prescribe LDN but have since found Naltrexone from a mail order company) I started at 4.5 mg 2 nights ago and after some bad cramping and gas last night curious if the LDN and Cimzia are not compatible. Any answers? I think the LDN would be beneficial if for nothing else but its cancer preventing properties as Cimzia is attributed to Lymphoma in some cases.
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Nancy Lee
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Hello Curt and welcome to the forum.
I'm not up to date on my drugs for Crohn's and UC..
but I would be hesitant at taking any prescription drug
from a mail order company.

Please stick around and I am sure someone can come up with
an answer for you.

Once again....Welcome!
Diagnosed Crohn's & Colitis-January 1997.


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Hi CVaughn and welcome!

If you haven't already found the LDN thread, take a poke over there. I think I remember reading that you have to work up to the maximum dose. D Bergy is super knowledgeable on LDN, so search for his posts.

I do agree with Nancy that I would be hesitant to be adding a new drug without the supervision of a doctor. Especially one like LDN which is not widely known among the traditional medical community and has not been widely tested.

Good luck -Amy
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Hi Curt and welcome. I see you found our LDN forum, so hopefully you get the answers you seek, there.

I'll be moving to Florida at the end of this month. So hey there Florida buddy

Anyway, again, welcome! I hope to see you around the forum.
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Hi Curt!

I don't have any personal experience with LDN, but I think the others have given some great advice so far. D Bergy really is very knowledgeable on the subject. I would search the forum for threads by him, for sure.

I'm originally from the Tampa Bay area too!
February 2010 - diagnosed with Crohn's disease.
January 2011 - Inflammation downgraded from moderate-severe to mild with no symptoms!
January 2014 - adopted a mostly Paleo diet
May 2015 - still in remission!

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