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LDN and Cimzia...bad mix?

Hello all!
I have been a lurker on here for sometime. Really intrigued by LDN treatments. Currently on Asacol and Cimzia (as my gi wouldnt prescribe LDN but have since found Naltrexone from a mail order company) I started at 4.5 mg 2 nights ago and after some bad cramping and gas last night curious if the LDN and Cimzia are not compatible. Any answers? I think the LDN would be beneficial if for nothing else but its cancer preventing properties as Cimzia is attributed to Lymphoma in some cases.
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Hi Curt,

I don't know much about Cimzia, but I know it's a biologic like Remicade and Humira and I think it works in a similar manner; by suppressing part of the immune system. LDN boosts/regulates the immune system, so it works in the opposite way. LDN and immunosuppressants can effectively cancel each other out. I would think the two are not really compatible, since it's not recommended to take LDN with Remicade or Humira.
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