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I have suffered from Crohns for 29 years. Apart from a bowel resection 16 years ago, I always managed to stay reseasonably well with Elemental 28 liquid foods when I was poorly on occasion and otherwise a strict diet, which I had to devise myself. It was very hard to start with, but one gets used to anything. Last year I became quite unwell and had to go into hospital where they said I had some fistulas in the small bowel and a course of prednisolone and then onto imuran would help my problems. After 3 months on PRED I rung the hopsital and said I did not want to take it anymore, it made me feel very strange, I was told to decrease it then stop and just stay on the IMURAN, just a few months after this I developed quite bad pains in both my hands, very stiff, especially in the morning. Spoke to both GP and Consultant, but so far no real answer. Has anyone had similar problems. Please let me know.
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Hello Mrs. and welcome. I am on imuran(9 years) too. I have arthritis in my hands and sometimes it hurts tremendously. Arthritis is also very common in people w/Crohns. Maybe that is what it is?
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Greetings Carlo and welcome.

I think many of us tend to experience arthritic type pain. Mine comes and goes and I'm only 33 years old. Is it your Crohn's, your meds, or something else? I don't know.

If you want to speak to others on Imuran, you may want to check out our Imuran support forum.

Again, welcome, and I wish you all the best. See you around the forum!
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Hi Carlo and welcome! I don't have experience with Imuran or joint pain, however, if I were you, I would not let this slide. If your current doctors aren't taking your discomfort seriously, then it is time to find a doctor who will.

I sure hope you can get to the bottom of this soon and start to feel better.

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