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Brandon's Strength

Well, my son is 13 years old and got diagnosed with Crohns at 9. He was on a host of meds and nothing worked. Finally remicade seemed to help, but then e went into anaphylaxis shock twice with it so it was discontined. He is now on Humira. He has been hospitalized several times. He has a wonderful outlook and never complains or asks "why me" We have been through alot lately, as his sister has a heart condition and needed surgery at 8 months old...she is now 2 but ongoing care for her and his dad is type I diabetic and went into DKA and was not expected to live, but with lots of prayers he pulled through. That is why I am typing this. I notice lots of complainig going on and "why me's" come on people! Learn from the wisdom of a 13 year old. Things could always be worse. Its been almost five years since my son was dianosd and he is yet to complain. He takes his disease one day at a time and never expects sympathy. one day somebody said, "ah I feel sorry for you." This stunned him and he said, " why? I don't. Sometimes I go to the moviesd, sometimes to the hospital, that's my life. God gave me this disease for a reason. I don't know why yet, but one of these days I will." By the way, he now wants to be a pediatrician! I am so proud of my "MuffinMan"
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Welcome to the forum Mom of Muffin Man!
Even though your son has been through so much the past few years
he sounds like an inspiration!!
A great attitude will produce great rewards in his life!
Many many Crohn's sufferers could learn from this young man.
You sound very proud, and you should be!!

Sounds as though you have had your hands full with not only your son
but daughter and hubby as well.

You are a very strong person and a delightful addition to this forum.

Heartfelt Welcoming Hugs~Nancy
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Your son sounds like an inspiration! People have said that they feel sorry for me too and I tell them that they shouldn't. I don't need anyone's sympathy, because Crohn's is a part of me. It's not something to complain about. Tell your son that his positive outlook is inspiring!
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Greetings and welcome. Wow, it does indeed sound like we can all learn a lot from your amazing son!

In case you haven't seen it, we have a Parents of kids with IBD forum that you may want to check out.

Again, welcome, and see you around
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Welcome MMM, hope to see you around the parent's section!
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Wow! Your son is an inspiration! I sure hope he feels better soon - is he sticking with Humeria or is he going to try another treatment option? Also, I hope your daughter is doing well. Thanks for sharing with us!

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Right now we are sticking with Humira. It seems to be the best.In the past he was on Pentassa, 6mp, remicade, omeprazole, etc. and nothing worked. We are awaiting biopsies to come beack to determine our next step. Doctor wanted to remove affected part of intestines to at least give him some relief for a while, but once he got in there said that he doesn't look like a good candidate for the surgery....
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I don't have a child with IBD/UC/Crohns, but you're very right. My daughter is 4 and has surgeries and problems all her life with her stomach and feeding, but she never complains and is always smiling, even when she's in pain. If our children can do it, then anyone can.

I hope your sons condition improves. He is a very brave young lad. And hugs to you too, I know how emotionally gruelling it can be when you have children with serious conditions, as much as you keep smiling anyway. x
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Out of the mouths of babes! Thanks for sharing Brandon's inspirational story and attitude. We could all stand to be a little less "why me?" and a little more "why not!"

- Amy

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