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Big mistake

I haven't had popcorn since 2008...I ate a whole bag and the next day I was in the ER and later fighting for my life. However I had an abcess and I think the popcorn is what finally did me in.
Last night my youngest wanted some popcorn so we popped a bag. He was sitting right next to me and without even thinking I start putting my hand in the bag. Before I realized what I was doing, I had eaten half the bag with him. So now I'm super nervous!! Just from the popcorn last night I've now been hurting more than I have the past few days and even having some back pain along with it. So now, I'm praying I don't have a relapse.
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Oh My! Im sorry to hear about your last struggle with popcorn. The bst thing you can do now is to calm down, do some meditation and relax your mind. Lay down in bed (hopefully you have a potty nearby...one of the main appeals to our apartment...theres a potty 2 feet away lol) and do something to take your mind off the pain. Thoughts and prayer!!
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The good thing is I already have a colonoscopy scheduled for Thurs morning so I'm sure I'll feel alot better after that.

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