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Food at the Circus

I took my daughter to the Circus today along with my sister, neice, nephew and Mom. There is nothing but junk to eat there and it was tough. There was hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, pretzels (the best ever). I ate a pretzel and picked on everything else. My 2 year old ate an entire hot dog. The three kids ate two tubs of popcorn. I had a tast but really shouldn't have. My sister bought a Ben and Jerry's ice cream bar and had the nerve to give it to me when she couldn't finish it. I said "What are you crazy". She had to finsih is so it wouldn't melt all over her.

My stomach is slightly messed up tonight but I think I made it through this one. It was worth it to see how happy the kids were today.
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Cara Fusinato
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I miss popcorn . . . mmmmm. Totally know how you feel! When it is county fair season, NOTHING! Though who can actually resist a deep friend oreo? Oh, those who have to use those portables right after. Grrrr. Good job with as much restraint as you had . . .

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