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My Kids Surgery

Just thought I would put down what my kids went through with their surgeries so that others may have some idea of what to expect:

Sarah had a right hemicolectomy 5 years ago and has been in remission since that time. Her surgery was an emergency, she was undiagnosed, and so was performed as an open procedure. This is an outline of her post op recovery...

Surgery day - She was in theatre for approx 4 hours. When she returned to recovery she had oxygen, two IV's, two drains, an NG tube and an IDC (urinary catheter). She was in ICU overnight. She asked to go back to the ward the next morning. I think the surgeon wanted her to stay another day but she couldn't get out fast enough! Oxygen therapy ceased.

Day 1 post op - Moved to the ward and spent the day on bedrest. IDC removed. NG tube on free drainage and morphine IV remained on PCA (patient controlled analgesia).

Day 2 post op - No change with drains and tubes. Physiotherapy commenced. Up out of bed and gentle ambulation commenced twice a day. Although Roo refused to use a pan so started walking to the toilet that day.
Started eating ice chips.

Day 3 post op - One IV removed and condensed IV morphine and fluids into one. NG tube removed. Increasing mobilisation. Ice chips.

Day 4 - Bowels open. Commenced on clear fluids. Mobilising.

Day 5 - Tolerated fluids from previous day and throughout this day so commenced on light diet at tea time. Both drains removed and IV removed. Oral analgesia and antibiotics commenced.

Day 6 - Discharged home.

I don't know if being paediatric made a difference but each day she was visted by the surgical team twice, the physiotherapist twice, the pain management team once and the dietician once.

Sarah was in very poor condition prior to surgery so I felt that she didn't truly recover for a number of months. I would say she was running on about 80% for the first few months and reached full recovery after about 6 months. She returned to school 3 weeks after the operation.

Matt had a right hemicolectomy 8 weeks ago. It was planned surgery that was required due to an existing fistula and abscess. He had a pigtail drain in for 3 months prior to surgery. So far it would appear that surgery has put him into remission:

Surgery day - He was in theatre for about 4 hours and recovery for 2 hours. When he arrived back on the ward he had one IV that consisted of the PCA (patient controlled analgaesia) and other IV fluids for hydration and IV medication. He also had one wound drain, a urinary catheter and oxygen.

Day 1 post op - No change with IV's or tubes and drains. Started mobilising and about an hour sitting in the chair.

Day 2 post op - Still no change with the tubes and lines. Commenced on clear fluids and continued with gentle mobilisation.

Day 3 post op - Urinary catheter removed, still on clear fluids, mobilising well.

Day 4 post op - PCA removed and started on oral analgaesia, remains on clear fluids, started farting, only one IV now left.

Day 5 post op - Last IV removed, commenced on free fluids, bowels open.

Day 6 post op - Commenced of light diet.

Day 7 post op - Commenced on full diet, drain out.

Day 8 post op - Discharged!

Matt had no issues post op and I feel that the start of week 4 post op was the real turn around in his recovery. It was at this point that he really started to move freely and shades of his old self started to appear. His recovery has been much quicker than Sarah's. He returned to school 3 weeks after surgery, was allowed to drive short distances after 3 weeks and long distances after 6 weeks but he was driving longer distances at 5 weeks. Started soccer training at about 5 weeks as well.

Hope that helps,
Dusty. xxx
Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.
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Thorough and helpful as usual Dusty!

And hey, you are a SUPERMODERATOR!!!
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This is such good information to have, thank you for taking the time to post it.

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