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Petition for better prep in USA

Hi there. I am a colon cancer survivor on a mission to get a more tolerable bowel prep approved in the USA. I am *not* selling anything, accepting donations, or working for any company.

Pico-Salax is 1,000,000x more tolerable to me than the others. Fleet was good too but now that's off the market here. I simply cannot tolerate the Lytely family...I vomit half of it bowel isn't cleansed...I'm super nauseated, and it's just a horrible experience. But Pico-Salax is not approved by the FDA.

I've tried, unsuccessfully, to find out the status. Has the manufacturer applied for approval? Who knows, but I for one am sick of waiting. The only choice is preps that, quite frankly, are inhumane--or get some Pico-Salax from across the border....which means what? I have to smuggle some over-the-counter medication from Canada and then lie to my dr. about what I took? Insane.

I have written to the manufacturer and didn't get a response. Now I'm going to stir things up a bit. I've started an online petition. Maybe if I get 1000s of signatures, together we can press for action. (If you're about to be a naysayer, let me tell ya, I've been successful with this tool for other issues. But I need lots of signatures.)

Yes, you can hide your name so no one else sees you signed it.

I guess I'm not allowed to post a link because I'm a new member. If you go to thepetitionsite . com then search for "pico-salax" you can find it.

**Important--Please insert your own comments when signing. It can be really short, but it sounds a lot more genuine and has a lot more impact when it's your own words!**

Please take 1 moment to sign it and to ask others to sign it too.


Crohn's Disease Forum » Your Story » Petition for better prep in USA
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