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New member, about to get surgery and scared

Hi all.

I'm new here, and my story is basically that I was diagnosed with Crohn's when I was eight years old. I had a resection surgery in my small bowl in 2003, and then I started having symptoms again in late 2004. I've taken various medicines and am now 19 years old, just finished my first year of college.
I was told today that I have to have another surgery in July. It will be a strictureplasty if they can, otherwise a resection. Apparently they can't know for sure if a strictureplasty is possible until they open me up and look.
I'm feeling really scared about this. I know I probably shouldn't be, because I had surgery when I was 11 so I should be able to have it now right? But still I don't want to do this. I'm worried about the recovery first of all, because I remember from my first surgery that I was in incredible pain afterwords - seriously, it felt like I had been shot in the stomach or something. I'm also nervous when I think about this catheter that they apparently have to put in for like 3 days or so following the surgery. I've never had one of those before (unless I did when I was 11 but I don't remember having one) and it really freaks me out. Can you feel it? How uncomfortable is it?

Any advice would be welcome.
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Hi Laybay. Welcome to the forum, but sorry you need surgery again. Hopefully it will give you YEARS of relief though. I would think, and I could be wrong that perhaps pain management has improved quite a bit since your last surgery. I also think they will have you up and trying to walk quite quickly, which will help with your recovery time.

As for a catheter....piece of piss!!! Sorry, couldnt help it! You shouldnt feel it at all. Mine didnt even hurt coming out either.

I hope it all goes very well for you. I understand your trepidation, but it will be worth it surely to live pain free after a short while. You can do it! Be strong, and remember we are here, rooting for you!
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Hi laybay and welcome! I am sorry you are facing surgery. I have not had surgery for Crohn's, but I have had many surgeries for my bilateral club foot. And though I had about 6 surgeries before the age of 10, I would probably be scared to have another today, too. I think the older you get, the more scared you are because you finally realized you aren't invincible. So, you have every right to be scared. But try to keep positive. Though recovery could be a little bumpy, I bet you will be happy you had the surgery in the long run and will feel great in no time.

I hope everything will go smoothly and you will have years of remission after the surgery. Hang in there!!

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Being scared is normal no matter how many times you've done it before. I've had a resection too and I remember it being pretty painful afterwards and I didn't have a cath either. But I think having a cath put in is a good thing cause you'll at least be able to lay in bed and not have to worry about getting up to go pee. When I first woke up after my surgery I was told to get up and use the bed side toilet. Sitting up was the most horrible thing and I almost threw up until I realized that throwing up would actually hurt more cause its uses more stomach muscles. :P

I'm sorry you have to go through all this. We're all here for you! Welcome to the forum!
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Hi LayBay and welcome!

It's normal to be scared of surgery! And like Jill says, the older we get, the more we know and the scarier it is!! But hopefully it will give you years of relief!

Also - maybe now that you are older you the pain management will be different (i.e. stronger drugs!) and you won't have as much pain as you rememeber last time.

Good luck - hope all goes well!

- Amy

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