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Hydrolyzed Protein / Best Bioavailable Protein Supplements/Foods

Hi. I am trying to raise my extremely low albumin level (0.8), prealbumin level (7) and also gain weight as I weigh 80 pounds (I eat 2,000 calories a day).

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about good hydrolyzed protein sources? Ive done a bit of research and it seems that hydrolyzed proteins are the most easily absorbed, especially for people like me who barely absorb anything they eat. (100g of protein a day and still albumin is dropping!!!!)

I thought I would share what I have found and if anyone else has any info on hydrolyzed protein sources, bio-availability of proteins, or basically anything related to cramming more highly absorbable protein in, please share it

These are the foods/supplements I am taking so far. Before I was eating high protein bars (20-30g protein in each bar) but stopped because they were not hydrolyzed proteins. Now I eat less protein, but its all hydrolyzed.

1. Proteinex - This seems GREAT - its only 2 tablespoons (30mL) of liquid, and it gives you a whopping 18g of HYDROLYZED protein (made from collagen). It tastes really bad but its only a tiny bit of liquid and if you have a PEG tube like me, I just shoot it in there and dont taste the difference! (Also available in chewable tablets which are 1g protein per tablet..not too bad a taste either)

2. Power Crunch Protein Bars - This seems to be the only nutrition bar on the market that has only hydrolyzed protein in it. They have like 13-14g of hydrolyzed whey protein and taste really good. I like the triple chocolate and cookies and cream flavors.

3. Twinlab LPP Concentrated Predigested Protein Tablets - These are predigested, hydrolyzed amino acid tablets that give you 1g of protein per tablet. Made from hydrolyzed casein (derived from milk). I just got these and im not sure if they give me gas or not.. does anyone know if casein (milk component) has lactose, and does it generally cause stomach problems for people who cant eat a large amount of dairy?

4. Optimum nutrition hydro whey - this is hydrolyzed protein powder.. its not the best tasting and kind of bitter, but it sure is high in protein. I just dont know what to mix it with.. I wish I could mix it with milk

Im looking all the time for new supplements or a good way to get my protein up. I cant just eat a lot of meat because it will not be absorbed properly, if at all.

If anyone knows anything about how to help protein absorption or of any supplements that will help me improve my albumin levels especially, that would be great.
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Malabsorption is a big issue for many people with inflamed, damaged intestines. Rapid transit time also contributes to making the digestive process partly ineffective.
Although hydrolyzed protein is considered to provide the highest levels of absorbed protein, it isn't all that much more effective than whey protein isolate, which tastes much better, and, both are easily digested! If you are tube feeding then it doesn't matter. Also, you need to make sure you are getting easy to digest, low residue, carbohydrates with the protein as they ensure proper digestion and absorption, rather than the protein being used to replace the body's carbohydrate and fat needs. Drinking them together is best. The other important thing is adequate vitamin and mineral intake to also assist efficient digestion - usually a good multivitamin is sufficient, but if you are drinking nutritionally complete drinks (loaded with all the vitamins and minerals necessary) then you don't need anything else.
In your case I would stick to nutritionally complete drinks alone. If you want something palatable then resource plus is nice. If you don't mind or are tube fed then any elemental complete drink is fine.
The protein bars require complex digestion and are not really suitable. The protein tablets are not all that useful.
It takes time to rebuild your levels, and protein (essential amino acids) is not stored in the body and requires daily replenishment.
All the best.

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