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Going on The SCD diet

Hi again!
Does anyone cheat on the SCD like can you? For example if someone has a party with cake and all? And how about drinking alcoholic drinks?
Thank you again.

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Here's a good read about the diet from Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America: http://www.ccfa.org/about/news/scd

There's no scientific proof on whether or not the diet does anything and for some people it can actually do more harm than good. There's also no scientific backing that food plays a factor with IBD at all while in remission. Honestly I don't think that having some cake every now and then with some alcohol will change anything but generally when you're trying to follow a specific diet you don't cheat.
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Hi alreadyendded,

Typically, by going on the SCD you are expected to follow it exactly as it lays out 100% of time (or as close to as possible) in order for it to work.

If you do think you will be breaking it, it is probably better to be 100% compliant most of the time and break it every so often then it is to be 75% compliant each day and have some items that are forbidden on a daily basis.

I hope that makes sense....

I also believe that some alcoholic beverages are allowed in moderation on SCD but I may be wrong.
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Cheating on the SCD will slow your healing, which is slow to begin with. Until your digestion is healed fanatical adherence is recommended. It's difficult to determine if a legal food is causing an issue if you've cheated and that's causing problems.

I know vodka and dry white wine is allowed in moderation. Here's a link to the legal/illegal list if you're interested in something else.

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Let us know how it goes! I want to start it this week. I made my first batch of yogurt this weekend and it was pretty good.
Good luck.

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