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Small Bowel Bypass

Hi, I'm new here but I'd like to get some feedback from some of you. March 2011 I had surgery because of Crohn's in the duodenum. I have since learned that this is rare location to have Crohns. I have had a scricture for a couple years until finally almost completely closed up. I couldn't eat solid food. The doctor told me that only other option was surgery. I talked to a surgeon and he suggested a gastro jayjunoscome (sp?). This is where the surgeon takes a loop of my small intestine that is healthy and brings it up to my stomach and sews it to the stomach so that I can have another avenue for food to go down. It was a tough recovery and I'm still a little sore in my abdomen where the incision was, but I am able to eat solid food now. I lost a lot of weight because of a hematoma around my incision after the surgery causing me a lot of nausea. So I really didn't eat for days. Has anyone had this procedure done?

Crohn's Disease Forum » Surgery » Small Bowel Bypass
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