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Curious about supplies and extreme heat

With the summer starting to heat up in this part of the world, I was curious as to whether it's okay to leave ostomy supplies in the car? Sometimes I don't have a purse on me...

Coloplast paste strips (similar consistency to an eakin seal)-I'm assuming not a good idea
Coloplast flanges - ?
Coloplast bags - I would think it's okay?
Barrier spray/wipes - ?

I have most of these supplies delivered to my door and many times I'm at work when it arrives so that is also another time these supplies will experience some extreme heat as I have them just leave them between the 2 doors.

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Sorry I'm not going to be any help here...I never even thought about that! I don't carry supplies around with me anymore, besides my liners and they fit in a pocket if I don't have my purse with me. I'd think the heat wouldn't affect the bags or flanges. I'd definitely not leave the paste strips in the car, they could be a melty mess by the time you go to use them. It should probably say on the barrier spray what temperature it should be stored at?? I don't use it, so don't know about that either.

Sorry this hasn't been more helpful!

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Good question! I reckon the stuff in my glovebox is shot! Whodathunk? I forgot it was in there. (did I mention I was born blonde? offense to any other blondes)

Yes, it will be interesting to see how 'everything' works after heated up. NOT that we get much heat over here....If it hits 72 degrees the brits think it's a heatwave! OK, once in a while it even hits 85 degrees, then the sky is falling! (dont yell at me...I have to laugh, I've lived in much warmer climates)

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Yes, good question. I keep some spares in the car and I have not checked them. I will and will report back. There have been some super hot days in the past month so it's a good test.
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