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Hi All,
I am new to this forum and have never really done this before, but I found this and thought it could be a great way to talk to people when I get frustrated. I was diagnosed with crohns about 6 months ago. I had been feeling ill for about a year prior and continuously losing weight. I had been seeing my regular doctor, who thought I just had some ulcers. After a couple emergency room visits, I was refered to a GI doc...Then after all the tests in the world, I was diagnosed. I started on Pentasa and Entocort, and after a while was able to get off the entocort. Soon after, was sick again and back on the entocort. I was also a candidate for Imuran and I've been on it for about 3 months now and went back to the doc yesterday. Very excited to say that after all this time, I can at least start to go off Pentasa and replace it with Lialda. Have any of you ever been on that? I always get concerned when starting a new med...anyway, after next week, I can start to taper off the entocort and eventually just be on the Lialda and Imuran...5 pills a day! I can't wait! I'm getting married in November and am praying that nothing with this disease effects my plans! Anyway, just wanted to say hi and get some info!
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Cara Fusinato
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You may want to read the threads about adding in some nutritional beneficial items such as probiotics which will help populate you with good bacteria so your immune system isn't on such high alert or things like mangosteen juice that have anti-inflammatory properties. These types of things are added to your treatment and help out.
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Spring Sun
Yea! I am glad that your illness is being controlled, that is great. Just remember to take it easy during the preperation of your wedding. It is one of the three biggest stressors in life, getting married, and sometimes women get really worked up about everything being perfect. Just remember that is won't be perfect, some things will go wrong, but that it isn't really about that anyways.
Congrats! Let us know how you are doing
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Cara Fusinato
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Watch the wedding shows on TV -- Bridezillas, Whose Wedding Is It Anyway, and Wedding Disasters, Platinum Weddings, etc. and it gives you a really good perspective on your own wedding. Remember, it's about the love and the new life, and there's perfect and PSYCHO-PERFECT.

You may wish to add in a regimen of probiotics and some of the natural products that help with Crohn's (like the Garden of Life stuff or Mangosteen Juice etc.) just to assist the traditional medication in keeping you under control until after your big day . . .

Best wishes . . .
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Hi Dana,
Best of Luck with the wedding plans. Enjoy every minute of it - it will just all fly by so fast.
I'm getting married in 36 days (yip down to counting days now) and haven't stressed out about anything. I've really enjoyed all the planning. I don't understand why so many people say planning a wedding is stressful - of course I could be singing a different tune in the week leading up to the wedding – this might just be the calm before the storm

I think having the wedding to focus on really helped my recovery after my bowel resection in March. I just didn't have time to mope around feeling sorry for myself. I wanted to get well in time for the wedding, and I'm glad to report that I'm feeling better now that I did in years. The only thing I don't like is that I probably wont be able to wear a bikini while I’m on honeymoon because the scar is still quite prominent. But hey, that’s such a small issue, compared to the troubles I used to have.

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