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Had Surgery, not a fun surgery.

Hey Everybody, I had my surgery,, Well its confirmed, I have Crohns, on my previous post, I wasn't sure. No more guess work. My surgery was not fun, but my doctor in the end said he took out about 8 inches of the small intestine and large intestine, I was wrong, my problem was at the Cecum and the illeum, where he resected my intestine and also he did something at my sigmoid. He said he got 100% of the Crohns out, but I know and have read about the disease, it can come back.

My surgery, well I got out of the hosptal after 6 days and had a leak from the wound, suddenly it just didn't feel right, I would feel the feeling of passing gas but nothing came out then I would smell it from my wound. Then on the 3rd day, the leak changed, where it looked and smelled like poo from my stomach. I was calling the doctor and they were like leaks are normal yada, yada. My sister is a nurse, she saw it that day and was like thats not normal. So back to the hospital, I was bout scared to death at this point, because I knew it could go septic. They did a CT scan, I had a leak at the resection point.

Well back in the hospital they put a wound VAC on my incision and I ate thru a tube for about 13 days total in the hospital. but it healed and I got released from the hospital Everything is going in the right direction. But I'm still having problems. First constiaption for a week then back to the big D. I know this happens back and forth after surgery.

Overall I have felt tons better from the surgery, eating and all. But i'm at the 5 or 6 week mark and now i'm feeling a dull ache in the right side where I know where they did the operation at and I'm getting low grade fevers. My work has been real understanding about this and I have been working from home. This has been ordeal, I had back surgery, and back surgery was a walk in the park compared to this.

I am going to be posting more because I want to here more about it from people and sorry for not posting it has been a trip. And still is.

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Wow Kellix, you have sure been through a lot. May you soon feel well. Take good care of yourself--don't put too much pressure on yourself to get back to 'normal' too soon as it might actually cause you to take longer to heal.

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