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Hybrid taxis - not a stoma owners friend

Ok so I had my first (extremely) embarrassing stoma fart moment today.
I was in a hybrid taxi coming home from my boyfriends birthday dinner.. My stoma decided to sing. Loudly. Now I don't know about you Guys but when Mr. Whippy decides to fart it usually takes me by surprise unless I am lying down. It usually makes me jump also lol. As soon as he let it rip I freaked and said omg excuse me!!!! And the taxi driver gave me a really wierd look. I could have died. I was so embarrassed ! And the lame thing is I probably could have gotten away with it if I made another noise or something but these bloody Stomas are so surprising and shocking ! Do any of you have an excuse or cover up thing you do when u fart?

Anyway I have gotten over the embarrassment I just want you to know i am NEVER going in a hybrid taxi again! Eep!


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Ooooh Charlotte. The first few times are the worst. Everyone says not to eat gas causing foods. But with Stan, it doesnt matter what I eat, he likes to talk! If you are in a super quiet area (like a hybrid cab!) just keep a hand over it, just in case. Thats what I do. Squish lightly to muffle if he decides to have a chat to the cabby. Or to anyone else. Around anyone else, just make a joke! Blame it on the dogs (my standby)

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Jeb has his moments of glory too. I've never been to embarrassed about it. Most of the time it's around people that I've known for a long time and know that this may happen. Most of the time I just tell him to shut up and no one wants to hear his two cents in the matter.
My favorite Jeb talk was during a heated meeting at work. There were about 10-15 people pretty much yelling at each other. Good times. I was standing up yelling, I mean stating my disagreement with the whole situation in a ::cough:: calmly manner ::cough::: and stopped talking. The crowd of people grew silent and out of no where Jeb let's rip a filthy diatribe in his native tongue. Now mind you I was extremely pissed off but I just pointed to my stoma and said, see he even agrees with me!
Pretty much everyone started to laugh and it "lighten" the atmosphere in the room.

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