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2 years after surgery.

Well I have been doing great after surgery. It's coming up on 2 years this August since I had my right colon removed and replumbed and haven't had any bad stuff happen....Yet. Yet because I KNOW that it's going to come back. Don't mean to sound negative but I sensed this monster before I was diagnosed and have the same feeling. To live that "normal" life again, I've stopped all treatment. Don't regret it really but I am making an appointment tomorrow again for Remicade to keep it away. I have 2 questions...Why are people on here have to use the bathroom frequently? I have never had that problem and still don't! And also, does scar tissue over time become a problem?
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Hey wolverine,

Not everyone needs to use frequently. I'm not sure when you mean, do you mean after surgery?

Neither of my children had diarrhoea as a symptom of their Crohns but after surgery it has been an issue for them. It all boils down to how much bowel you have removed and where that bowel is removed from. If you had part of descending colon removed then you generally wouldn't have a problem with diarrhoea, it's the folks that have surgery around their ileum, terminal ileum and ileocaecal valve that usually have the most issue with post surgery diarrhoea. It's this part of the bowel that absorbs bile salts and reabsorbs water. Not being able to do this causes loose, watery bowel motions.

Scar tissue can become problematic for many people as it causes narrowing and obstruction, scar tissue tends to be far more rigid than normal tissue. It doesn't happen to everyone though and again it often depends on what part of the bowel was operated on.

Dusty. xxx
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