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Big Time Noob!!!

well first post.

was diagnosed feb 06, was told not to eat fibre, no saturated fats, no high residuale foods, and high sucrose content foods.

now being a pastry chef, this was quite a challenge at first dang it.
fortunatly i never liked popcorn which i have noticed is a weakness for many crew here.
always annoyed me digging the husks from my teeth, ewwww.

but anyway getting back to my path, yeah being a chef i could easily analize what i could and could'nt eat. at first it was everywhere i looked.

i miss alot of foods i have discplined myself away from, i do play up some times but still not too much to have an eruption.

i moved from australia to live in china, and i was terrified at first because well there are no aurthorities to monitor hygine. wait i almost told a lie, they do have some kind of a hygine inspectors that show up from time to time. i dunno what for because the food on the streets is questionable to no end.

but this what i have discovered about chinese foods and crohns, if the meats have fat on them then boils in a serving broth the saturated fats are on the top!!
i can eat alot of chinese foods now with little to no problems. but i do dig out all the baddies tho, and i dont drink the broths or soups.
what does this mean?
i got me thinking that, before i left Australia i heard crohns may be a bacteria imbalance with in the affected area. the thought was why is it that asians are the least affected race of crohns? hmmmm dang.

but true to the thought, i was having alot more problems in australia????
i'm thinking due to the fact that our soceity if victim to such highly processed or totaly sterilized food production envionments, this i understand is a 2 way street.

so now i dont take much of mercaptopurine (2wice a week), but i do take glutamine tablets everyday, and i do need vitamin b injections every 2 weeks.

i dont think i have made any discovery of any sort for the community, this is a individual case, and i can not stress that any more.

however i cant gain any wieght!!!!!.

oh well thanks for listening
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Yeah, I occasionally wonder if processed foods and prepackaged stuff plays at least a little bit of a role in Crohn's or at least exacerbating the problem
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yeah i was later told by my doctor that higly processed foods are also no no,

sorry members i realized after i posted, that this thread should have started in the yourstory thread. dang!!

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