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No Pain at all, anywhere!

I was diagnosed in 2005 after 15 years of misery and being told I had IBS, long boring story!

Treatment - I've tried Azathioprine and 6MP but was allergic to both and was taking
Pentasa 2 x 500mg four times a day

I was hospitalised in January 2010 for a week, I was blocked and peritonitis was setting in, apparantly I was hours from rupturing and near death!
Metronidazole and Prednisolone saved my life and I avoided surgery. Phew!

I was on Pred for nearly a year and suffered terrible withdrawal symptoms when I reduced it, so I went on Entocort. This was ok but gave me terrible joint pain. So then I discovered my favourite med, Amitriptyline!
This med has given me so much relief, I haven't got any headaches or joint pain, and it helps me to sleep.
I also believe it's stopped bowel spasms too.

8 weeks ago I started with some niggly pains in LRQ and had diarrhea, this was nipped in the bud with some Entocort. This pain was shouting 'Hey! I'm still here ya know!' I only took it for a month then stopped.

Here we are, 18 months later and I'm in remission and med free, except for 2 Pentasa a day and an Amitriptyline at night.

I see gastro on 1st Aug and I'm hoping he will confirm it.
I've had a very stressful 2 weeks but haven't flared up, I feel great!
I have no belly aches, no joint pains, no D, nothing.
This is a success story!


Dx Crohn's in TI 2005 symptoms for 15 years prior

BEEN ON -Azathioprine, 6MP, Prednisolone, Pentasa, Budesonide, Metronidazole, Humira, Methotrexate,

NOW ON -Amitriptyline 25mg
21/02/14 Right hemicolectomy surgery!/profile.p...4208290&ref=ts

No-one should make you feel inferior without your consent!

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Yey! So happy for you. Long may it continue xx
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Gwen pippy
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Hey Joan

I'm glad those two weeks are over for you and Jess is on the mend, think it's our worst nightmare when our children aren't well esp when its something we can very clearly relate too.
Can I ask you, did your GI recommend Amitriptyline? I'm coming off preds, down to 20mg but hate the idea of being off them and sliding back to flare, equally hate the sleep disturbance, the achy joints and temper of Tasmanian devil.
Can Amitriptyline be taken everyday and does it have any side effects?

Gwen xxx
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Hiya Gwen
Thank you, Jessica is doing great, in pain, but ok.

No, I went to see an osteopath about the pains in my head and neck, he said it was Occipital Neuralgia aka Arnold's Neuralgia, and he recommended the Amitriptyline. I saw my GP and told him what he's said. GP thought it was an excellent idea and I've been on them nearly 8 months, maybe longer, dunno. I take one at 10.30pm and I'm in a coma by 11!
At first I was quite sedated in the morning and struggled with it. Now it's ok, I'm still sleepy and can't get up, but who can?
I haven't noticed any side effects at all, only blissful restful lovely sleep!
Try them Gwen, you never know!
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Crohn's Mom
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Congrats on your remission Joan!
And even more so that after the hell you have been through in the last 2 weeks that you haven't flared!
So happy for you....
here's to continued remission for many, many years!
Mom to Gab (20)
DX: Crohn's 2/2010
and Austin (18)
DX: Crohn's 7/2013
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Gwen pippy
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Thanks Joan

Think I'll be asking for them at my next GI visit. Will have to wait till end of Aug for that though. GP's cost the earth here, 60euro for visit then cost of meds on top, recession my eye!!! Like the idea of blissful restful lovely sleep, haven't had one of them since first child was born 3 years ago. Have pain in left breast bone and shoulder last 8 months and nothing showing on tests or xrays so that could help with that as well, I'm feeling hopeful again thanks.

Take care

Gwen xxx
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That's excellent news!!! Also good to see people writing positive things on here.. it just shows everyone that it's not all doom and gloom having Crohn's.. being well IS possible!

Hope you continue to feel well Joan!!

'You can't change the past but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.'

Diagnosed with Crohn's colitis aged 9, 1992.

Panproctocolectomy and terminal end ileostomy October 2011.
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So great to read a happy story and even better that it's to say you've been doing so well for so long long may it continue Joan
Penguin x

Me - Undiagnosed, awaiting test results, etc. IBS diagnosis in 2000 no longer 'fits'.

Also, Mum to a brave 4yr old daughter who has gastrostomy stoma and numerous gastro problems of her own.

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Hey Joan, how great that you are doing so well for so long. I sure hope it will continue for a long, long, long, long time!

I am also sure you being well helped a great deal dealing with the stress of Jess' sickness and surgery.

Diagnosed: April 2005

Back on Asacol

Dec 2010: colostomy/resection - failed
Jan 2011: Ileostomy
Resection planned for: sometime
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I'm glad you're doing well Joan. Keep it up!

Niggly? That's a new one for me. :P
Diagnosis: Crohn's in 1991 at age 9
Surgeries: 1 Small Bowel Resection in 1999; Central IV in 1991-92
Meds for CD: 6MP 75mg
Things I take: Tenormin 25mg (PVCs and Tachycardia), Junel (endometriosis), Tylenol 3 (Osteoarthritis), Zantac 150mg 2/day (acid reflux), Klonopin 1mg (Panic Disorder), Imitrex 25mg (migraines), Zofran 8mg (nausea)
Currently in: REMISSION Thought it was a flare but it's just scar tissue from my resection. Dealing with a stricture. Remission from my resection, 19 years and counting.
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That's terrific Joan!
Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2005

Pentasa 2x500mg (4 times a day)
Zofran (as needed for nausea)
Ginger Capsules (for Nausea)
Zoloft 150 mg
Ranitidine 150 mg (2 times a day)
Entocort 3 mg (3 capsules by mouth for 8 weeks, then tapering to 2 capsules for three months)
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ha ha Crabby!

'Shit that Joan sez'
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Hey Joan

It's great to read your sucess story I hope you stay well Great news about Jess too


Diagnosed with Crohn's in 1995
Symptoms started 1992

Current medication:
Pentasa 3 x 1000mg granules
Azathioprine 125mg
Amitriptyline 10mg
Omeprazole 20mg
Homeopathic Remedies (when needed)
Centrum Multivitamin
Udo's Super 8 Probiotics
Codeine (when needed)
Desloratadine & Doxepin (For urticaria when needed)

Previously taken:
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Amazing news and just in time for the summer holidays!
Glad to here your daughter is getting there tok
Hope youve got lots of fun things planned to do now you're pain free?!
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Ah Sure thats great news for a change eh !!

Couldn't happen to a nicer more caring person. well ? from what i know of ya !!


lots of love Joan !!

5 surgeries,(so far!)Crohn's colitis,permanent ileostomy,post herpatic neuralgia (from shingles)
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So happy to hear you feel so good, Joan! And, boy, do you deserve it!

Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease - July 2010
Diagnosis of Crohn's Disease Retracted - October 2011

I am still sick and so confused...
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To save time...Ask Dusty!
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Glad you're doing so well in spite of everything you've been through these last several weeks Joan! Hope things continue on an upswing for a very long time!!
Mark, father of EJ

EJ dx w/ Crohn's 12/09
PSC 3/10

No more 6mp
Currently in the Humira Club
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Great story Joan, and I'm glad you nipped those pains and D in the bud! And without Pred! I didn't know Entocort could work that quickly (not that I've ever taken it). How did the appointment go last week? Sorry if you posted about it elsewhere. Hope the 'R' word was bandied about a lot .
Dx Ulcerative Colitis Oct 2005 (age 19)
Dx Crohn's Colitis Feb 2010 (age 23)
Dx Indeterminate Colitis (IBD unclassified) Oct 2011 (age 25)
Dx likely Ulcerative Colitis July 2013 (age 27)

Currently taking:
6MP (75mg daily)
Asacol (3 x 800mg, twice daily)

Have taken: Humira, Infliximab (Remicade), Prednisolone, Predfoam
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Hiya Ian!!
great to see you out and about, are you ok?

I didn't see gastro on 1st Aug, he was on his hols, so I'm waiting for a new appt, which should arrive soon.
I was offered the Big Burly Scot (remember him?) but I refused. Not having him shout me down again
I'm feeling good, hope you are too hun
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OH, yeah, you know what I did read something about you refusing to see the Big Burly Scot recently lol. I forgot about that. He sounds scary - if he can reduce you to tears then god help anyone else haha. Hope the appointment goes well when you have it.

I'm ok thanks and feeling well at the moment, been meaning to post an update but I kind of haven't wanted to jinx it. I will do at some point though, when I have the patience ('cause knowing me it will be hefty lol). Glad you're feeling good x

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